Volume 01, Issue 09 - 2013.11.21

Prepare Yourselves!

We are on the verge of epic memories...

Element 11 2015 "Under the Stars" will, truly, be a year to remember. 

And now...recaps (Don't worry! More event stuff you NEED is below!)

But First...the TOC

GLC 2015 Recap

Every year in early spring, the Burning Man Organization, The Black Rock Arts Foundation, and the Burning Man Regional Network work tirelessly to bring a cadre of Burning Man Regional Contacts, regional community leaders and event producers from all over the world to beautiful San Francisco for the Burning Man Global Leadership Conference. Utah was honored to have fabulous representation at the conference from our local Regional Contacts as well as other community leaders and five members of the Element 11 Board of Directors.

Read Forrest Millheim's entire article at


Burner's Day In The Park!

By Sara Tiger
Thank you to everyone who brought their families to brave the rain and wind to hang out with friends and support Element 11.
Here is a recap if you missed the fun. We had amazing music by Simply B. A great community turnout with the opportunity drawing. The best grill master generals in town slinging Hotdogs and Hamburgers. We had a few great lectures. Know your rights lecture by Johnny Jemming, Self-care by Allen Hovey, French Cooking on the Playa with Michelle Davis and Clarity and Consent with Trieste Palmer and Suzanne Olsen. We got artsy on all the street signs for Element 11 with David Born. The kids had fun puddle jumping and dancing around too!

Thank you so much to the Guidance Councelors, Opportunity Drawing Volunteers and everyone who helped set up and tear down.

We raised a grand total of $1199.00 thanks to all of you.

What? When? Where?

The "What, When, Where" Guide is ready! This is the primer to learning what is happening, where it is happening and when you need to be wherever to see WTF! You will see these online soon and be able to pick up a copy at the Gate!

Info Booth
Now, for the many of you who've been to Element 11, you know full well that not everything is included here. So we encourage you to explore! A pilgrimage to the Info Booth (Updated 2x Daily - 12pm and 6pm by my fabulous InfoBooth Babes) will nurture your brains with much!

The Sound of E11 - FM 102.5
Also, tuning your FM Radio (gasp! What madness is this???) to 102.5 on the dial will open a portal to the Zeitgeist Meta Transcendent Consciousness that is the "Un-Hive" mind of whomever has happened to take over the station at that time. These higher beings will tell you of their deeds and doings, even if they will occur in the future!

Pro-tip: You can probably hear this station before you even see Stargazer Ranch! So get your Playa on before you get on the Playa!

The Book of Face...
Yeah, you all know what that is. Look around ...that thing and check events. Many Theme Camps post their happenings in ...that thing.

Have you read your SG?

Survival Guide! Read IT!


I'm going to get serious and a little blunt here; I apologize in advance for any offense.

Stargazer Ranch is a beautiful, awesome, magical place. But it is a Primitive Environment. Be prepared!
  • Read your Guide!
  • Bring a LOT of water (no showers provided!)
  • Food! (Beef jerky and a Snickers doesn't count)
  • Ice! Plan and bring enough to last.
  • Proper shelter that can handle the wind (because there is wind!)
  • Eye, foot, sun protection
  • Check your tires, have a good spare (two is good!)
  • Bring extra water and gasoline 
  • Fill up in Tremonton and/or Snowville (seriously!)
  • Do Not Speed! Especially through Park Valley and Rosette! (You have been warned!)
  • Read The Policies!
  • Don't be a 

Build Our City!

There's a lot to do in a very short time. Over the final weekends before the Event, we are looking for help Building Our City! Want to help? Want those precious hours for volunteering

Get the times and dates from our Events Page
(hint: this weekend, next weekend at Stargazer Ranch!)
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