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Volume 4, Issue 4 - May 2016
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Open to Business Updates!!
Interested in seeing the first quarter 2016 Open to Business Report?  Here you go!

We have some additional news to share on our Open to Business (OTB) program ... many of you have had the opportunity to work with our Scott County OTB Business Advisor, Christine Pigsley. Christine has accepted an offer to take on a larger teaching load at Minnesota State Mankato where she is a professor, beginning this fall. She's getting the opportunity to use the PhD that she worked for many years to get! 

Christine has been involved in many different business deals in Scott County, and she will most definitely be missed! She will be sticking around through June to help get our new OTB Business Advisor up to speed, which likely will include visits to each of our cities to make introductions over the next month.

With that, let's introduce our new OTB Business Advisor ~ Christin Boecker. Christin brings with her a wide range of experience, including business start up and ownership, loans and lending, project coordination, and bookkeeping. She graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics. Christin has been on board now for about a month and she is working closely with Christine to get up to speed with all of the current clients and projects the OTB Program is working on within Scott County.   
FSS Website ~ Available Properties
A decision was made earlier this year at the Scott County CDA and First Stop Shop to purchase a data feed of the available properties in Scott County from a company called Xceligent, which is the company the Minnesota Commercial Association of Realtors (MNCAR) selected to manage all of the commercial/industrial real estate listing in the Twin Cities.

The benefits of doing this are:
  • More accurate, up to date listings
  • Listings delivered automatically to our website every week
  • The ability to also feed this data out to all of our cities' websites for displaying properties in their communities if they choose.
The way we go about doing this is through a system called Location One Information System (LOIS), which is the site selection tool used by the State of Minnesota. Therefore, we have access to using it FREE of charge! The data feed we get from Xceligent is automatically fed into our LOIS accounts, and provides as close to "real time" listing data as we can get.  

As of right now we know the
City of New Prague and the City of Shakopee are showing their available buildings and land on their own websites, with information that is now being fed to their sites weekly because of our data purchase. Other cities, like the City of Savage, have chosen to direct people back to our First Stop Shop site. Whatever you elect to do is fine with us ~ we just want to make sure you know what the options are to spread the word on our available commercial and industrial properties!

Most of the properties are listed by real estate agents/brokers working with specific clients. There are some properties in Scott County where the owners have expressed interest in having the First Stop Shop help with sharing information about their properties. Because of this, there are about 10 or so listings that we have entered into MNCAR on behalf of our residents. The FSS manages those listings on behalf of the property owner, making it clear that any commissions need to be agreed to between the owner and the broker representing the purchaser. FSS listings are updated as things change, or generally verified every 30-60 days.  

Some things to keep in mind when using the
Available Properties tab on our FSS website or through any website displaying the properties using the LOIS system ...
  1. LOIS is set up to only display 10 properties on the screen at any given time. Ours defaults to showing sites (sites only - not buildings) available county wide, from largest available to smallest available. If you look to the very bottom of the image above, you will notice that it is currently "Displaying items 1 to 10 of 83 on Map". Therefore there are actually 83 available sites listed through Xceligent in Scott County, and the first 10 shown are the sites with the largest number of acres available.

    The best way to go through all the properties available is by using the "Pages" to scroll through each page, which will put a new set of 10 pins on the map for each page and list the information for each below.

  2. The search box is your friend!

    You can choose to search for only buildings, only sites, or both. You can specify a site/building size if you want to look within a certain range. You can also choose to look for properties that are for sale, lease, or both.

    You can filter by specific community (see the blue link on the image to the right). You can also choose to sort your search by different criteria that you select. 

    If you want to search in a certain area on the map, you can do that too! There are a number of different shapes you can choose from, or choose to draw an area on the map freehand and it will show you all the available properties matching the criteria you specify within that area.

We have expressed our interest to LOIS in having all the available buildings and sites show up on the map together ... for a location like Scott County with 300-400 listings at any given time, that would probably work. The issue is the other locations (large urban areas) where there are two, three, or more times the number of listings we have, it's not an easy task to adequately display that information in a way that doesn't just look like a big, cluttered map. LOIS has said that they are looking into other options, but for the time being you will find it best to search with filters if you're looking for information that is more specific to a particular community.

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FSS Contact Info

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