Introducing 4 Worlds United Soccer Alliance

I write to you today to tell you about a new and exciting development in our community. After many years of helping refugee and immigrant players and families on an informal level, there is a new nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of 4th world players through the power and magic of soccer. We are 4 Worlds United Soccer Alliance (4WU).

A 4th world person resides in the 1st world but is isolated from that world due to cultural, language, and economic barriers. Often these are recent immigrants or refugee families, arriving in the US with very little knowledge of our customs and with limited skills to start their new lives. The children often suffer due to their isolation. One of the things that many of these children have is a deep love of soccer.  4WU builds on their desire to play soccer, using it to connect them into the larger game of life here.

Playing soccer in the US is expensive, and these children cannot afford to pay to play. 4WU breaks through this financial barrier, getting kids on the field and keeping them there. 4WU has established a strong foundation of volunteers and a history of receiving financial support from soccer clubs. This year alone we have already placed 10 children on competitive soccer teams and brought the game to 40 children in our summer soccer activity.

4WU Needs Your Support


Monetary support helps us level the playing field, allowing children to get into clubs and to play with dignity knowing that the other kids on the field did not have to pay more to cover their costs. Your donations will help these kids get past the "pay to play" system that keeps so many of them off the field. 

You can help put 20 children on recreational clubs this Spring of 2013.  You can help 4WU toward its goal of placing 20 players onto competitive clubs in May of 2013 as well. Your donation will cover costs for soccer club fees, uniforms, shoes and shin guards. As a 501c3 organization, donations are tax deductible.

We ask that you go to our website at where you will find instructions for donating as well as information about our programs, stories about our players, and volunteer opportunities.  

You can also donate by mail by sending a check to:
4 Worlds United Soccer Alliance
4207 SE Woodstock Blvd #482
Portland OR 97206

Know others who might be interested in helping us reach our goals?  Forward this email to them, direct them to our website, tell them about us!

We at 4 Worlds United Soccer Alliance thank you for your time and your help at any level. Working together, we can all make Portland "Soccer City USA" for every player that wants to get into the game.

Mark Verna
Founder and President
4 Worlds United Soccer Alliance, Portland Oregon
4 Worlds United makes playing soccer a possibility for immigrant and refugee children, and through soccer, children become part of their new community.


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Our mailing address is:
4 Worlds United Soccer Alliance
4207 SE Woodstock Blvd #482
Portland, Oregon 97206

4 Worlds United Soccer Association is a 501c3 organization. Donations are tax deductible.
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