EKOenergy Newsletter,  issue 22
  11 December 2013

1.  One year EKOenergy
2.  New suppliers: Fortum and Forssan Energia
3.  New member from Albania
4.  Successful end of EECS Audit project
5.  Environment Minister recommends EKOenergy on facebook
6.  Work in progress, all over Europe
7.  EKOenergy helps Vattenfall to protect Saimaa salmon
8.  Advertisement and first announcement: register now for the RECS Market Meeting

1.  One year EKOenergy

On 15 December 2012, 16 environmental NGOs from 14 countries decided to join forces in the EKOenergy network. At the same time, they adopted the name EKOenergy. 

10 weeks later, on 23 February 2013, the members of the Network approved the criteria for the first pan-European eco-label for electricity.

Both the EKOenergy network and the EKOenergy label were (are) the result of a brainstorming and consultation process that started in the summer of 2011.

Thanks everybody for 1 year of fruitful cooperation.

See also, page available in 28 languages.

Photo: Klygror, Cropped, Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

2. New Licensees: Forssan Energia and Fortum

Last week, two Finnish companies signed the EKOenergy Licence Agreement.

Forssan Energia sells the ForEko Envor product with EKOenergy label. ForEko Envor electricity is 100% produced with Finnish biogas.

Fortum will sell hydropower, mainly originating from Finland. Fortum's EKOenergy labeled product is called Fortum Tarkka

See our website for a full list of EKOenergy suppliers.

3. New member from Albania

The Institute for Environmental Policy (IEP), from Albania, is the 28th member of the EKOenergy Network.

IEP was founded in 2008 by a group of young experts committed to bringing about positive change after years of environmental degradation and negligence in Albania. Its objective is to enhance environmental sustainability in Albania through projects, programs, awareness raising, development...

For more information about IEP, see (in English)

For an overview of the members of the EKOenergy network, see,

4.  Successful end of EECS audit project

For the past six months EKOenergy has helped Finnish renewable energy companies to get their power plants into the Guarantee of Origin system.

Main goal of the project was to experiment with the so-called EECS Audit, a possibility to audit power plants by making optimal use of other reliable sources (E.g. registration for the purpose of emission trading scheme, registration for support schemes,...)

We thank our interns Minna Hänninen and Pilvimaari Heikkinen for helping several companies to register all together over 30 power plants.

(Finnish) companies, wanting to make use of this service, have to hurry. The project ends in 10 days.

5.  Minister recommends EKOenergy on facebook

The Finnish Environment Minister Ville Niinistö proves to be an EKOenergy expert.

Following an intense debate in the Finnish media about the sustainability of hydropower, the minister reminds on his facebook page that it is possible to buy environmentally friendly hydropower labelled by EKOenergy.

In the reactions following the quote, the minister elaborates on why he believes EKOenergy is important. He has clearly read our texts. He even quotes parts of it!

Thanks for this. And if ministers of other countries would have questions, refer them to their Finnish colleague.

6.  Work in progress, all over Europe

Day after day, EKOenergy is active in a lot of European countries. A grasp of the activities in early December:

Costanza of our Italian member REEF and Fabiola Nardò, EVS volunteer at the EKOenergy Secretariat are getting EKOenergy started in Italy. Marie Girier had a full program in Paris and Lyon. She visited suppliers, NGOs and other stakeholders. Riku Eskelinen has a similar program in Norway, and Slovenski E-forum, our Slovenian member, is contacting stakeholders in Slovenia. Our member Ecoserveis is talking with Spanish suppliers and the Spanish electricity supplier Gesternova posted an article about EKOenergy on its website. Spectri, our Georgian partner, translated some of our texts to Georgian. Lucia, a Slovak volunteer working from Bratislava, is using our Slovak website to introduce EKOenergy to Slovak stakeholders. Last not least, the Estonian and Latvian EKOenergy projects are also progressing well. 

7.  EKOenergy helps Vattenfall to protect Saimaa salmon

An accident in Vattenfall owned Pamilo hydropower plant in Eastern Finland destroyed spawning nests of critically endangered Saimaa salmon (Salmo salar m. sebago).

The power plant is not in the EKOenergy system, and will likely never get into it. And Vattenfall is not selling EKOenergy hydropower (The company will sign the Licence Agreement but will focus on the sales of EKOenergy wind).

Nevertheless, we offered Vattenfall our help and expertise to find right ways to compensate the negative effects of the accident.

As a result, fish specialists of Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (Finnish member of the EKOenergy Network) will help Vattenfall to start a conservation program to save the Saimaa salmon. The details of the program and cooperation will be published after Christmas.

Photo: Vattenfall

8.  Advertisement and first announcement: register now for the RECS Market Meeting

RECS Market Meeting 2014
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18 & 19 March.

RECS Market Meeting 2014 is one of the largest conferences on the market for renewable energy in Europe and it is the only forum where we can share the successes gained so far and push towards a brighter, more renewable future. If you are a renewable energy market player, a regulator or a user, this event should be in your calendar for next year.

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