EKOenergy Newsletter,  issue 25
  17 February 2014

1.  Selection of Climate Fund projects
2.  New on the EKOenergy blog: Consumers care about origin
3.  Person of the week: Jari Nykänen
4.  Bulgarian version of our website
5.  Our reactions to CEER and OFGEM public consultations
6.  EKOenergy für Deutschland. Information session in Düsseldorf
7.  Advertisement: join us to the RECS Market Meeting

1.  Selection of Climate Fund projects

An external jury has evaluated and ranked the remaining Climate Fund project proposals.

The best ranked projects are projects of the Italian organization Oikos (project in Tanzania), the Dutch organization Hivos (project in Indonesia) and the Swiss organization Solafrica (various projects in Africa). We will use these projects in our communication and decide about the funding as money comes into the Climate Fund. 

Also many of the other projects of the "top 15" have been judged to be of very high quality. We hope we will sooner or later be able to proceed with all of them.

See also

Picture: Small wind turbines provide about 23 households with electricity on Sumba Island, Indonesia © Hivos

2. New on the EKOenergy blog: consumers care about origin

"Year after year, an increasing number of companies, authorities and individuals decides to use green electricity. So far, this has mainly led to an increased international trade in Guarantees of Origin (GOs). Small and medium-sized renewable energy producers have hardly been benefiting from that increased demand, nor from the international trade", writes Markus Schmid on the EKOenergy blog.

Markus works at WISE, the Dutch EKOenergy partner. In December 2013, WISE organized a conference to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the GO market. The blog post gives an overview of the conclusions of that conference. Comments and suggestions welcome.


3.  Person of the week: Jari Nykänen

Jari Nykänen is sales and marketing manager of Etelä-Savon Energia, a Finnish electricity supplier based in the Eastern Finnish town of Mikkeli.

Jari isn't only one of our biggest fans, he also convinced several of our first corporate consumers to switch to EKOenergy.

What brought him to EKOenergy? "EKOenergy is an important partner to help us reach our goal to produce more renewable energy. EKOenergy is also helpful as an extra tool to promote and sell our renewable electricity. I am very happy to be Etelä-Savon Energia's contact person for EKOenergy because EKOenergy's values are also important values in my personal life."

For more information about Etelä-Savon Energia, see the company's homepage (in Finnish)
More about EKOenergy's first consumers:

4.  Bulgarian version of the website

We haven't been talking about it for some time, but yes, the translation of our texts and documents is still proceeding. Almost every day we upload 1 or more translated paragraphs, pages or texts to our website. And almost every week new volunteer translators offer to help. 

This week we uploaded the Bulgarian translation of the website. That translation has been made by a volunteer of the Rosetta Foundation. The EKOenergy website has now been fully translated to 23 languages (excluding news items). For 10 more languages we have partial translations.

All help remains welcome. Contact

5.  Our reactions to CEER and OFGEM public consultations

Both the organization of the European energy regulators, CEER, and the British energy regulator OFGEM organized a public consultation about the marketing of green electricity. The EKOenergy secretariat responded to both of them. We focused on harmonization, avoidance of double counting and the development of a product market.

Click here for our response to the CEER consultation. And click here for our response to the OFGEM public consultation.

We also gave input to the proposals for the renewed Finnish Guarantees of Origin database. We once more stressed the importance to make the system cheap and efficient. Costs should be volume based and reasonable. A free structure based on number of installations makes the system too expensive for small and decentralized production.

6.  EKOenergy seminar in Düsseldorf

On 17 March, EKOenergy organizes a workshop about the possible role of EKOenergy in Germany. In Düsseldorf, and in German.

We’ll present EKOenergy: why did we develop this pan-European ecolabel, what are the ambitions of the EKOenergy Network, and how can companies and consumers join forces with us…

For the invitation and for registration, see: (German) and (English)

In the afternoon (of the same day, i.e. 17 March), EKOenergy participates at a panel discussion during the pre-conference session of the RECS Market Meeting. The topic is the role of ecolabeling on the electricity market. See the website of the RECS Market Meeting for more information and for registration.

7.  Advertisement: Join us to the RECS Market Meeting

And if you are anyway in Düsseldorf (see paragraph above), join us also to the RECS Market Meeting, taking place at the same location, on 18 & 19 March.
RECS Market Meeting 2014
'The Growing Market for Guarantees of Origin'
Intercontinental hotel, Düsseldorf,
18 & 19 March.

RECS Market Meeting is one of the largest conferences on the market for renewable energy in Europe and it is the forum where stakeholders can share the successes gained so far and push towards a brighter, more renewable future.

Click here for the brochure

Click here to make your registration

For more information please visit:
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