EKOenergy Newsletter,  issue 15
  16 July 2013

1.  EKOenergy's new website online
2.  Translation of the website has started
3.  EKOenergy's Climate Fund famous before start
4.  First solar on the map
5.  Partner of the EKOenergy Network: Latvijas Dabas Fonds

1.  EKOenergy's new website online

EKOenergy new website online Last weekend, we launched the new EKOenergy website. It gives an overview of what we have realized so far, and contains all ingredients to guarantee our further development.


Comments and suggestions welcome.

2. Translation of the website has started

At this moment our website is available in English and in Romanian. But this is only the start. The translation into 28 more languages is ongoing. Thanks to volunteers in more than 35 countries. 

Do you want to help with the translation? Contact

Photo: Markus Koljonen 

3.  EKOenergy Climate Fund famous before start

Vindenergi Denmark Since the launch of the call for 'Energy poverty and climate projects' , we have been flooded with questions about our Climate Fund. The questions come from large international development organizations, as well as local organizations from the US to Bangladesh and from Albania to South Africa.

It is good to see all these dynamics, and we hope the Climate Fund will be able to contribute to that silent energy revolution.

Photo: Vindenergi Denmark

4.  First solar on the map

Solar energyLast week, we have got the first solar plants on the EKOenergy map: Spanish solar farms, managed by the company Gesternova. Yes to the Spanish sun!

Do you want to have a particular power plant on our list and map? Contact the EKOenergy secretariat, or fill the power plant enrollment form.

Photo:  Norden

5. Partner of the EKOenergy Network: Latvijas Dabas Fonds

24 organizations are member of the EKoenergy Network. The Latvian partner is Latvijas Dabas Fonds, or the Latvian Fund for Nature.

LDF is expert in planning and managing comprehensive nature conservation projects.

LDF has been participating in the EKOenergy discussions since the very beginning of the process (2010-2011). Even before the final criteria had been voted, they organized an EKOenergy day (February 2013), and the organization has now got funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers to get EKOenergy launched in Latvia.


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