EKOenergy Newsletter,  issue 19
  23 October 2013

1.  Latvian and Estonian partner meeting
2.  Å pela determined to bring EKOenergy to Slovenia
3.  EKOenergy at Energy Exhibition in Latvia
4.  New supplier: Energiameklarit
5.  Website: 3 more language versions

1.  Latvian and Estonian partner meeting in Riga

Last week, the Estonian Fund for Nature and Latvian members of the EKOenergy Network (Latvian Fund for Nature and Green Liberty) hold an EKOenergy partner meeting in Riga, Latvia.

The involved NGOs agreed about practical actions to create demand for ecolabelled renewable electricity in both countries, and to find sellers and buyers for EKOenergy. The EKOenergy members will also work for proper implementation of the European rules about tracking of electricity and electricity disclosure.

On 22nd of November, the Estonian Fund for Nature will organise an EKOenergy day for local electricity producers, suppliers, service providers and NGOs.

2. Å pela determined to bring EKOenergija to Slovenia

The Slovenian EKOenergy member Slovenski E-forum has hired Å pela Kern to get EKOenergy launched in Slovenia. Å pela will be in contact with other NGOs, the electricity sector and potential buyers. 

Å pela has B.Sc. Degree in Food Science and Chemistry from the University of Ljubjana. Before, she has worked on Management Systems Assessment  and  carbon foot print calculation. She has experience with ISO14001, ISO 9001 and EmasEasy.  She also has organized a series of workshops and conferences. Welcome to the EKOenergy network Å pela.

3. EKOenergy at Energy Exhibition in Latvia

The Latvian EKOenergy partners arranged an attractive EKOenergy stand at the Baltic Energy and Environment Exhibition. The fair offered an extensive programme of stands, seminars and conferences.

“EKOenergy is a tool for NGOs and companies to promote environmental solutions together. This is why we wanted to participate in the exhibition, which is the major event for the energy industry in the Baltic States” says Ģirts Strazdiņš, the director of Latvian Fund for Nature, the biggest environmental NGO in Latvia.

4.  New Licensee: Energiameklarit

The Finnish company EM Finance Oy - Energiameklarit has signed the EKOenergy Licence Agreement, and is now able to sell EKOenergy  from biomass, wind and hydropower.

They get the power from Finland, Norway and Sweden.

5.  Website: 3 more language versions

Last week our EKOenergy website got 3 more language versions. The PerMondo Initiative provided us with translations in Basque and Galician. (Project led by Mondo Agit). Thanks a lot. 

Dragana translated the website to Serbian. Why she did it? 'Even though Serbia is not yet a part of EU, I believe it is important to be aware of the change in environment today and the ways we can help. If only couple of people visit this website because it is in Serbian and thus available to them, I have accomplished my goal.' Don't worry Dragana. We will make sure that more than a couple of people see the Serbian website.

Thanks a lot, all of you.
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