EKOenergy Newsletter,  issue 16
  20 August 2013

1.  EKOenergy website: from Portuguese to Russian
2.  Welcome Marie
3.  Climate Fund: 'Last call'
4.  Member of the week: Natuurpunt

1.  EKOenergy website: from Portuguese to Russian

EKOenergy websiteAbout one month ago, we launched the new EKOenergy website. Since, over 35 translators have together translated 400 webpages. Thanks a lot!

As a result, the website is now already available in Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Turkish. The German, Italian, Polish, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish and Ukrainian translations are well over half way. See

Comments and suggestions welcome.

2. Welcome Marie

Marie GirierPaloma Azcuénaga's term as an EVS (European Voluntary Service) volunteer ended mid-July. Thanks Paloma.

On August 1st, Marie Girier from France, joined the EKOenergy team as a new EVS Volunteer.

Marie has been working for 3 years as a speach and language therapist. Last year, she started to study again: English and Spanish literature, culture and languages. Marie has participated in environmental work camps in Burkina Faso, Iceland, Germany and Canada. She has now joined the EKOenergy team, and is enthusiastic about it:  "We really are trying to change the european electricity market, it is something big! And I want to contribute to that"

Photo by Olga Gerasimenko

3. Climate fund: 'Last call'

Climate fund: 'Last call'For each MWh of EKOenergy sold, 0,10€ go the EKOenergy Climate Fund. That money will be used to invest in climate projects that would not have happened without the contributions. We are now looking for small scale renewable electricity projects in developing countries.

Click here for the call for proposals. The deadline to submit proposals is September 15th.

Photo by Anna Rybalova

4.  Partner of the week: Natuurpunt

Natuurpunt24 organizations are member of the EKOenergy Network. In each newsletter we present one of them.

Natuurpunt is the main Belgian nature conservation organization. The organization is well known for its dense network of nature areas, and for its focus on participation and cooperation.

Luk Daniels from Natuurpunt: "More than 40% of the Belgians buy green electricity. We want to keep it that way. Or rather, we want to see the number increasing. A label that gets the confidence of many can be a tool to reach that goal.

On top of that, the EKOenergy network gives us the opportunity to share experiences with NGOs from other countries. We know that a large part of the green electricity which is sold in Belgium, is produced in Scandinavia. That's why it is important that we say the same as our colleagues over there. One of our common objectives is that the environment really benefits from the consumers' willingness to pay for green electricity."


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