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Edition 65  -  1 June 2016

1.   Join strengths with EKOenergy
2.   This beer is made with EKOenergy
3.   Coming soon: EKOenergy for Russia
4.   These suppliers sell ONLY EKOenergy
5.   New suppliers
6.   Books printed with EKOenergy
7.   RE100 and making credible renewable electricity usage claims
8.   Almost no time left to avoid 1,5 degrees temperature increase

1.    Join strengths with EKOenergy

Again a Newsletter full of nice achievements and promising activities. All of this is the result of the enthusiasm of many.

We take the opportunity to thank our current supporters: the many EKOenergy consumers, the EKOenergy sellers, our members in 32 countries, the experts of our Advisory Group, and our growing pool of amazing volunteers...

We also hope that these results will convince those who have been following our activities from the sideline, to make the next step and collaborate with us. Feel free to contact us in the way that suits you best. E.g. via an email to program managers Steven Vanholme or Riku Eskelinen. Together we can do more.

2.    This beer is made with EKOenergy 

Just last month Saimaan Juomatehdas - a Finnish brewery - switched to EKOenergy, and last week the first cans with EKOenergy logo have been spotted in Finnish shops.

No better way to reach a large audience in an informal and enjoyable way. "The renewable economy is here, and we are proud to be part of it."

We encourage all other EKOenergy users to follow that example.

"Well, in fact, if we're honest, we can admit that our electricity contract was as old as our company... By comparing different sellers and by choosing EKOenergy we are getting our electricity cheaper then before. As well as being environmentally friendly, we are now saving money!"

Blog on the website of CAMU, a climbing gear shop

3.    Coming soon: EKOenergy for Russia

Last week, we organised a study trip to Helsinki for representatives of the Russian  electricity market authority.

We visited Fingrid and Grexel and we set up a meeting with the Secreteriat of the I-REC Standard. We also took a lot of time to brainstorm about carbon accounting, CSR and the needs of large electricity consumers in Russia.

Something will come out of this! We'll keep you informed.

This event would not have been possible without the amazing help of 3 volunteer translators. Thank you to Katya, Olga and Maria for 17 hours (2 days) of intensive translating.

4.    100 % EKOenergy

A lot of electricity sellers are joining strengths with EKOenergy. Since the beginning of 2016, 15 more sellers have decided to start offering EKOenergy to their consumers. What is very interesting is that two of these new sellers take it one step further: they sell only EKOenergy.

Natürlich grün is the first German supplier to sell all its electricity as EKOenergy. On top of that, they invite the consumers to donate 1 eurocent per kWh to the organisation Viva con Agua. One of their target groups are the owners of heat pumps.

The Italian company Forgreen sells 100% EKOenergy, bought directly from Italian solar panel owners.

These two companies follow the example of the Finnish company Ekosähkö, which has been selling 100% ecolabeled electricity for years.

"While Löyly offers exceptional architecture in a unique location, it is our commitment to sustainable business and green construction that truly sets us apart. Think of tomorrow, decide today. Of course, we use EKOenergy."

Löyly, a new and unique sauna in Helsinki, opened its doors last week.

5.    New suppliers: Ecovatios and Eida

Welcome to our two newest EKOenergy sellers!

Ecovatios is a supplier of 100% renewable electricity in Spain. They are now ready to sell EKOenergy certified electricity too: 100% Spanish solar power. “We love the idea of channelling a part of our income and allocating it into renewable projects thanks to EKOenergy's Climate Fund".

Eida is a 100% green electricity seller in Luxembourg. They have decided to launch an EKOenergy product, for consumers willing to do more. This is the first EKOenergy seller in Luxembourg. Congratulations!

Looking forward to working with both of you on a 100% renewable Spain and Luxembourg!

6.   Books printed with EKOenergy

Otava Publishing Company is Finland's second largest publisher of books. It publishes fiction, non-fiction, books for teenagers and children, multimedia and teaching materials.

Last year, Otava switched to EKOenergy and they have now decided that all books they print in their own printing house will have the EKOenergy logo.

The first books with EKOenergy logo are now in the bookstores.

Thanks a lot to Otava, for helping us spread the message about sustainable renewable electricity.

7.   Making credible renewable electricity usage claims

The Technical Advisory Group of the RE100 published a document on "Making credible renewable electricity usage claims". In other words: how can companies prove that they really use renewable electricity.

The document elaborates on the quality criteria of reliable electricity tracking as listed in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 2 Guidance.

It focuses on tracking systems such as the Guarantees of Origin system in Europe and the REC system in Northern America.

EKOenergy uses the same approach as the experts of the RE100. Therefore, if you buy EKOenergy, you always fulfill the quality criteria for making credible renewable electricity usage claims. Worldwide. Contact us for more information.

8.   Almost no time left to avoid 1,5 degrees temperature increase

It will take just six years of current emissions to exhaust a carbon budget that would give a good chance of keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius, based on figures from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Because most consider it impossible to drastically cut CO2-emissions in such a short time, current scenarios that do keep temperature rise below 1.5 degrees assume application of negative emissions technologies to help offset emissions from human activities. These technologies, such as bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS), remove CO2 from the atmosphere and store it on land, underground or in the oceans. However serious questions still remain over the feasibility of large-scale application of these technologies.

Text and picture: Nasa and CarbonBrief
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