EKOenergy Newsletter,  issue 11
  21 May 2013

1.   ECOHZ promotes EKOenergy
2.   First hydropower, and first project ideas
3.   EKOenergy text now also in Finnish
4.   Minna will guide Finnish suppliers
5.   EKOenergy speaks at Nordic Baltic Bioenergy 2013
6.   People behind EKOenergy: Constanza Boggiano Pico

1.  ECOHZ promotes EKOenergy

Last week, the Norwegian company ECOHZ started informing its customers about EKOenergy.
'EKOenergy deserves the support from all participants in the market (...). ECOHZ is ready to take EKOenergy to the market, and convince customers of its value.' writes ECOHZ's CEO in his blog


Photo:  Extract from ECOHZ's brochure about EKOenergy

2.  First hydropower, and first project ideas

by Teemu TuovinenSince last week, the electricity from 5 Norwegian hydropower plants can be sold as EKOenergy. For each MWh of EKOenergy hydropower sold, 10 cents will go to the Environmental Fund. That money will be used to finance river restoration projects. See here for a first list of possible river restoration projects.

Photo by Teemu Tuovinen

3.  EKOenergy text now also in Finnish

The EKOenergy text is now also available in Finnish. The Portuguese version will be published next week.

Click here for the EKOenergy text in 13 languages.

4.  Minna will guide Finnish suppliers

Minna Hänninen from Savonia University of Applied Sciences has joined the EKOenergy team as a trainee. From today to mid-August, she will help Finnish electricity suppliers to comply with the new Finnish Law on Electricity Tracking. And she will assist them to join EKOenergy.

5.  EKOenergy speaks at Nordic Baltic Bioenergy 2013

Riku Eskelinen will present EKOenergy and the EKOenergy criteria for CHP at the Nordic Baltic Bioenergy 2013. The Conference is arranged by the Norwegian Bioenergy association (Nobio) in co-operation with its sister-organisations in the Nordic and Baltic countries and with the Nordic Council of Ministers.


6.  People behind EKOenergy: Costanza Boggiano Pico

Costanza Boggiano Pico

Costanza Boggiano Pico is Coordinatore Operativo at the NGO REEF, the EKOenergy partner in Italy. REEF is a 'daughter' of the Italian renewable energy sector federation and gets the full support of main Italian environmental NGOs. 
Costanza finds herself every day at the intersection of industry, consumers and environmental NGOs. Her experience has been extremely helpful in setting up EKOenergy.
What drives her? "I feel a strong commitment to respect the only world we have, also -but not only- by choosing and promoting clean energy. I want to do my part, and I am glad and proud to get the opportunity to do so as a professional."

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