EKOenergy Newsletter, Issue 58
     26th January 2016

1.  Annual Report 2015
2.  German Stadtwerke Bielefeld starts cooperation with EKOenergy
3.  EKOenergy Secretariat expands
4.  EKOenergy label for biogas and district heating?
5.  RECs Market Meeting
6.  End of oil age approaching, in Russia too

1.  Annual report 2015

Our Annual Report 2015, "EKOenergy in Action" is online. It's a long list of nice achievements and promising progress.

Some achievements from our third year:
-  The volume of certified electricity  we sold doubled, to around 1 TWh.
-  We financed solar panels on schools in Cameroon and Indonesia, and river restoration projects in Finland and Latvia.
-  We have grown from a European initiative to a worldwide network and ecolabel.
-  We started a lot of new and promising projects, such as a electricity sales in Russia, LIFE river restorations, and the construction of fish passages.

2.  Stadtwerke Bielefeld starts cooperation with EKOenergy

The German electricity supplier Stadtwerke Bielefeld (SWB) is our newest licensee. They have started selling EKOenergy on January 1 and will soon add an EKOenergy labeled electricity product to their portfolio. That product will be available for both households and businesses.

Great to have you on board Stadtwerke Bielefeld, and looking forward to cooperating with you.

Switching to EKOenergy becomes easier every day, also in Germany! Contact us for more information.

3.  EKOenergy Secretariat expands

New people joined our team.
We have three new EVS volunteers: Daniel Gulde will take over the daily management of EKOenergy in Germany, Amy Corrigan is our new contact person for the UK, Gabriella will focus on the development of EKOenergy in Denmark and Norway.

Petter Nissinen becomes Key Account Manager for Finland. A new important step forward in the development of EKOenergy.

On our website, you find all team members and their contact data.

4.  EKOenergy label for biogas

We are starting with the preparations of a next project: an ecolabel for biogas and an ecolabel for district heating.

We will develop following the same formula as when we established ourselves as the ecolabel for electricity. We will follow the rules of ISEAL's Standard-Setting Code, actively consult experts, and we will be providing a lot of opportunities for input and comments.

We'll keep you informed via our website and via the Newsletter. If you are particularly interested in participating in the process, let us know at


5.  Meet us at the RECs Market Meeting

This year's RECs Market Meeting focuses more than ever before on consumers.  Consumers are choosing renewable energy, the market and the politicians should enable and support this choice.

EKOenergy moderates one of the pre-conference sessions and we are available for meetings throughout the conference.

Place and date: NH Collection Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 7-9 March 2016.

For more information and registration, see

6.  End of the oil age approaching, in Russia too!

The head of Sberbank, German Gref, says the oil age is over, due to the radical changes in consumption. "The era of hydrocarbons is in the past. Just like the Stone Age ended not because they ran out of stones, the oil age is also over".

According to Gref, China is actively developing alternative energy sources. Sberbank forecast that China will soon begin to reduce their consumption of traditional sources of energy by 45%.

Gref estimates the of the oil age will last for only ten more years or "until the entire infrastructure for electric vehicles will be deployed to the proper degree." That is why Russia should "change all government systems, primarily education, from kindergartens to universities, in order to adapt to the new conditions. Welcome to the future!"  Gref said.

Text copied from Vestnik Kavkazapicture:
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