EKOenergy Newsletter,  issue 6
  13 February 2013

1. EKOenergy organized hearing at EU Parliament
2. CDP supports green electricity contracts
3. EKOenergy website: call for bids
4. EKOenergy criteria in the last straight line
5. New members in the network
6. News from the secretariat

1.  EKOenergy organized hearing at EU Parliament

EKOenergy organized a public hearing at the European Parliament in Brussels. Representatives of the European Commission, the European Energy Regulators, the energy industry and NGOs discussed about the challenges and opportunities on the green electricity market. The high number of participants (full room) and the reactions before, during and after the event, show that such meetings should be organized more frequently.

Click here for the presentations.

2.  CDP supports green electricity contracts

EKOenergy organized a seminar about the carbon impact of electricity purchases, for Brussels based organizations and companies. Pedro Faria, technical Director of Carbon Disclosure Project, listed the reasons why CDP wants to support the switch to green electricity contracts on the European electricity market.

Click here for the presentation.

3.  EKOenergy website: call for bids

We want to develop a new website for EKOenergy. Are you a web designer, willing to transform the current into an easily navigable multilingual website? 
Or do you know such a person? Contact for more information

4.  EKOenergy criteria in last straight line
The comments of the members of the EKOenergy Advisory Group have been integrated in the "EKOenergy Text". The text is now in the hands of the EKOenergy Board. We are hoping to have it approved by February 23rd.

After approval, EKOenergy will not only be a network of European NGOs, but we will also start managing the first and only pan-European ecolabel for electricity.

5.  New members joined the network

We are happy to announce that two new members have joined the network since our latest newsletter:

- Natuurpunt, Belgium
- 2 Celsius Network, Romania

The EKOenergy network has now 20 members from 17 different European countries. And more will join in the weeks to come. See our website for the list of member organizations.

6.  News from the secretariat

Riku is visiting the partners in the Baltic states. The Baltic EKOenergy members are planning to submit a project proposal to the Nordic Council of Ministers.
After that visit, Riku will be 6 weeks on paternity leave.

Steven is following up the contacts with the EKOenergy Board, and he is in contact with candidate members.

Paloma is now back at the office. She combined her holidays with a visit to interested stakeholders in Spain. She had 5 meetings with environmental NGOs, suppliers and producers.

Maria is working on our maps, which will provide information about EKOenergy eligible power stations.
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