EKOenergy Newsletter,  issue 24
  30 January 2014

1.  First EKOenergy in Latvia
2.  Welcome Oberserv'ER
3.  EKOenergie for Germany

1.  First EKOenergy in Latvia

Four Latvian NGOs decided to be forerunners in Latvia and started to buy EKOenergy labeled electricity for their offices.

Three of the buyers are members of the EKOenergy network: the Latvian Fund for Nature, the Latvian Green Liberty and the Latvian Green Movement.

EKOenergy has just started its activities in Latvia and so far none of the traditional Latvian electricity suppliers has signed a Licence Agreement with EKOenergy. For that reason, the Latvian environmental organizations made use of the services of GreenStream to get EKOenergy. GreenStream is specialized in international transactions and was one of the first to sign the EKOenergy Licence Agreement (in June 2013). 

2. Welcome Observ'ER

Again a great member for EKOenergy. The French NGO Observ'ER joined our Network.

Observ'ER is specialized in renewable energy. They raise awareness about the opportunities of renewable energy and organize numerous activities and initiatives aiming at increasing the role of renewable energy in the economy and society. Welcome!

For more information, see their website: (in French).

For an overview of the 31 members of the EKOenergy network, see

3.  EKOenergie for Germany

We welcomed two new persons at the EKOenergy Secretariat. Both of them from Germany. 

Elea Kunz is our new EVS Volunteer (European Voluntary Service). Elea comes from Taunusstein near Wiesbaden. She passed the German and French A-levels in June 2013. Last autumn, she volunteered for a Moldovan human rights organisation, where she made researches on German and European human rights legislations.

Tim Reinders from Bocholt is our first Erasmus trainee. He spends one year away from his university in Groningen (NL), as part of his International Business Administration studies. Before joining EKOenergy, he has been an exchange student at the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki for 5 months.

Elea and Tim will be in charge of the contacts with German stakeholders, and will help to set up the EKOenergy information session in Düsseldorf, on 17 March.

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