EKOenergy Newsletter,  issue 23
  9 January 2014

1.  Annual Report 2013
2.  First consumers
3.  28 + 2 = 30
4.  Thanks Anna and Maria
5.  First announcement: EKOenergy workshop in Düsseldorf
6.  Join us to the RECS Market Meeting

1.  Annual Report 2013

In 2013, the EKOenergy Network started to move from theory to action.

It was a nice and productive year: The board approved the criteria of the EKOenergy label. More than 100 volunteers and 30 member- organizations helped us to create visibility in more than 15 countries. 16 companies have started to sell EKOenergy labeled electricity.
We also actively participated in discussions and processes about consumer protection and carbon footprinting.

Our Annual Report (pdf, 1.3 MB, 21 pages) gives an overview of last year's main activities and results.

2. First consumers

Several companies have made the switch to EKOenergy labeled electricity. Fantastic!

We listed 10 of the first corporate consumers on our website. See

With your help, their example will soon be followed by others.

3. 28 members + 2 members = 30 members

Two more organizations joined the EKOenergy Network: KADOS from Turkey and CSAE (Center for Sustainability and Advanced Education) from Macedonia.

KADOS' main objectives are the promotion of sustainable development and the protection of the natural environment. KADOS also organizes seminars about renewable energy. See (in Turkish)

The Macedonian Center for Sustainability and Advanced Education (CSAE) focuses on advanced education and sustainable development. Last three years CSAE has been mainly working on developing the renewable energy sector. See (In English)

We are now 30. From 22 countries. A French organization will likely become the 31st member in the second half of January.

For an overview of the members of the EKOenergy network, see,

4.  Thanks Maria and Anna

31 December was the last day of the EVS (European Voluntary Service) projects of Maria Faticov and Anna Rybalova.

For the last 12 months Anna has been our main contact person for stakeholders in Norway. She has also been layouting the EKOenergy leaflets and been in charge of a survey about the electricity consumption of hotels and supermarkets.

Maria helped to translate our texts to Russian and Ukrainian, to contact stakeholders in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus and to work on our biomass criteria (See also our Annual Report 2013)

Thanks a lot.

Next week we welcome 1 new EVS volunteer, Elea from Germany. We are planning more EVS projects and welcome new candidates to participate in these. Contact for more information.

5.  First Announcement, EKOenergy workshop in Düsseldorf

On 17 March, EKOenergy will organize a workshop about the possible role of EKOenergy in Germany. In Düsseldorf, and in German.

We’ll present EKOenergy: why did we develop this pan-European ecolabel, what are the ambitions of the EKOenergy Network, and how can companies and consumers join forces with us…

The event is (of course) free of charge. Contact for more information.

In the afternoon (of the same day, i.e. 17 March), EKOenergy participates at a panel discussion during the pre-conference session of the RECS Market Meeting. The topic is the role of ecolabeling on the electricity market. See the website of the RECS Market Meeting for more information and for registration.

6.  Advertisement: Join us to the RECS Market Meeting

And if you are anyway in Düsseldorf (see paragraph above), join us also to the RECS Market Meeting, taking place at the same location, on 18 & 19 March.
RECS Market Meeting 2014
'The Growing Market for Guarantees of Origin'
Intercontinental hotel, Düsseldorf,
18 & 19 March.

RECS Market Meeting 2014 is one of the largest conferences on the market for renewable energy in Europe and it is the only forum where we can share the successes gained so far and push towards a brighter, more renewable future.

Click here for the brochure

Click here to make your registration

For more information please visit:
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