EKOenergy Newsletter, issue 43
  16th February 2015

1.  Promising start to 2015
2.  Greenhouse Gas Protocol: summaries in 17 languages
3.  Divestment: stop investing in fossil fuels
4.  From the market: increasing demand for renewable electricity
5.  Austrian consumers ditch nuclear
6.  RECS Market Meeting 2015

1.  Promising start to 2015

EKOenergy has had a promising start to 2015.
- EKOenergy has been mentioned in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 2 Guidance (see below).
- Since 1st January, Latvian households can buy EKOenergy from Baltcom.
- Our Licensees in Italy and Spain are proceeding well with the development and promotion of their own "EKOenergy product".
- We are organising consultations on German, French and Italian hydropower plants.
- Suppliers and corporate consumers in over 10 countries are preparing to sell or buy EKOenergy.
- Our Board is about to give their decision on which three solar energy projects will get funding from our Climate Fund and which four river restoration projects will be funded by our Environmental Fund.

We'll keep you informed.

Picture: a lot of fun and ideas at our weekly team meetings

2.  Greenhouse Gas Protocol: summaries in 17 languages.

On 20th January, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol launched its Scope 2 Guidance. The text refers to EKOenergy several times. Chapter 11 refers to EKOenergy's Climate Fund as an example of how companies can to go one step further in reducing their emissions.

Our summary of the Scope 2 Guidance, "Reporting greenhouse gas emissions caused by purchased electricity", is now available in 17 languages: CS, DE, EN, ES, FI, FR, HU, IS, IT, LV, NL, PL, PT, RU, SQ, SV, TR

See our website for more information.

3.  Divestment: stop investing in fossil fuels

The newest action of is the particularly successful “Divestment Campaign”. The campaign demands that investors pull their money out of the fossil fuel industry.

At least 80% of currently known fossil fuel reserves must stay in the ground if we want to prevent a climate crisis. So, why would anybody want to invest in the search for more fossil fuels? Or in the development of the fossil fuel industry?

The divestment campaign started as a student movement in the US in 2011. In the last few months, many universities, cities, pension funds and religious institutions all over the world have joined the campaign.

The EKOenergy Secretariat participated in the Global Divestment Day event in Helsinki. Our 'delegation' was very visible in the Finnish news (TV Nelonen).

4.  From the market: increasing demand for green electricity

At the beginning of Febuary, the AIB (Association of Issuing Bodies) published statistics about the issuing, transfer and cancellation of Guarantees of Origin in 2014.

For the first time, the yearly amount of cancelled (i.e. 'used') Guarantees of Origins surpassed 300 TWh. This covers about one tenth of all electricity demand in Europe (ca. 3,300 TWh) and one third of all electricity from renewable sources in Europe (ca. 900 TWh).

This increase is a result of changed legislation, an increasing number of AIB members ánd an increased demand for green energy.

5.  Austrian consumers ditch nuclear

The Austrian electricity disclosure system got some media attention in January. See for example

The reason is Austria's gradual implementation of a full disclosure system. Guarantees of Origin are not only issued for renewable energy, but also for all other types of electricity. On top of this, suppliers have to be very clear about the origin of the electricity they sell. They can no longer pretend that their electricity comes ‘from unknown sources’. For more information, see this presentation by the Austrian organisation Global 2000, shown at a seminar organised by WISE, a Dutch member of the EKOenergy network.

As an immediate result, all suppliers are actively using renewable Guarantees of Origin, to prove to their consumers that they do NOT sell nuclear. Not because it is forbidden to sell nuclear power, but because selling nuclear would cause commercial suicide on the Austrian electricity market. Consumers just don’t want it. The same could happen to fossil fuels. And we think it will happen!

(This text is an extract from our newest blog post "If you can choose, choose").

6.  Publicity: RECS Market Meeting 2015

The RECS Market Meeting is a unique occasion. It’s the only conference that is capable of giving you a full picture of the current market for renewable electricity in Europe.

Participants receive first-hand information about recent developments in the wholesale market – in terms of prices and volumes – and about the constantly changing regulations which are affecting the renewable electricity market.

The RECS Market Meeting 2015 takes place on 29th and 30th April 2015, at the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Oslo, Norway.

Click here for more information and for registration.
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