EKOenergy Newsletter, Issue 59
     11th February 2016

1.  50.000 euro for river restoration
2.  EKOenergy for Germany
3.  Proud consumers of EKOenergy
4.  First Climate and EKOenergy join strengths
5.  Videos about tracking and ecolabels, now also in French
6.  News from the secretariat: from ideas to implementation

1.  50,000 euros for river restoration

For each MWh of EKOenergy certified hydropower sold, sellers contribute €0,10 to EKOenergy's Environmental Fund. That money is used to finance river restoration projects which mitigate the negative impact of hydropower on the ecosystem.

This year we organised a public vote to select the best Finnish project. The vote was organised in cooperation with Fortum, the largest seller of EKOenergy certified hydropower.

Yesterday an EKOenergy consumer awarded  â‚¬50,000 to the winning project. The project will restore the habitats of salmon in Southern Finland. Congratulations to the winner, Virho. Many thanks to all the participants, the voters and of course our EKOenergy consumers.

For more information about the process and the winning project, see (in Finnish).

2.  EKOenergy for Germany

EKOenergy continues to progress well in Germany. The German supplier Natürlich Grün (HHLP-Energy GmbH) is our newest Licensee. All their electricity will be certified by EKOenergy. We are looking forward to promoting EKOenergy together in Germany.

Two more German electricity suppliers will join soon. This means that EKOenergy is now easily accessible for all German electricity consumers.

The US Green Building Council published our German course "Green Power: Ökostrom für LEED und für die CO2-Bilanzierung kaufen" (Green Power: renewable electricity for LEED and carbon accounting). Click here for a summary (YouTube, 2.30 minutes). The videos are also available in English.

3.  Proud consumers of EKOenergy

The number of EKOenergy consumers is increasing rapidly. We have now started a campaign to ask consumers to communicate about their choice for EKOenergy.

One of the first companies to act is the Finnish Ruohonjuuri chain. They mention EKOenergy on their website and will advertise EKOenergy in their 7 shops.

We also spotted our logo in one of the main BREEAM certified Helsinki shopping malls. #EKOenergy4Breeam.

Thanks a lot!

4.  First Climate and EKOenergy join strengths

First Climate is a global leading provider of  green investments expertise, environmental consulting and climate neutral and water services.

First Climate is increasing its worldwide activities in the renewable electricity market and as of this week, they are doing that in cooperation with EKOenergy.  

"First Climate is happy to collaborate with EKOenergy on the way towards a more sustainable and renewable energy future. Being independent as an organisation and ensuring high environmental integrity of its label at the same time, EKOenergy is First Climate's first choice partner for international premium green energy certificate products.", says Sascha Lafeld, CEO at First Climate Markets AG.

We at EKOenergy are proud and enthusiastic about joining strengths with such a great partner.

5.  Videos about tracking and ecolabels: now also in French

Our short YouTube videos about electricity ecolabels and electrcitiy tracking are now also available in French.

- Acheter de l'électricité renouvelable pour LEED et son bilan carbone
- Les certificats de traçabilité - Introduction aux Garanties d'Origine et aux RECs

See our YouTube channel for the English and German versions of the course. Spanish and Russian translations are coming soon!

6.  News from the Secretariat

Our unstoppable team is ready for an active spring. Three staff members and 11 full time volunteers (and many occasional volunteers) are working on many things.
- We are actively contacting stakeholders in more than 15 European countries.
- We are inviting stakeholders from other continents to join our network.
- We are developing new tools. This week we conducted the first shoot for a EKOenergy video starring Aleksandre Blinnikka, the Finnish windsurfing champion.
- We are developing new campaigns, e.g. together with Protect Our Winters and with river activists.
- We have started a process to develop an ecolabel for biogas and district heating.
And much more!

You find our contact details on our website. Feel free to contact us for further information.

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