EKOenergy Newsletter,  issue 18
  8 October 2013

1.  Two new EKOenergy sellers
2.  Why fishers should buy EKOenergy labelled hydropower
3.  Follow @EKOenergytweet on Twitter
4.  News from the EKOenergy secretariat
5.  17 languages, thanks to Cláudia and 45 others
6.  Partner of the week: The Iceland Nature Conservation Association (INCA)

1. Two new EKOenergy sellers

This week, two Finnish electricity suppliers, Lappeenrannan Energia and Nordic Green Energy, have signed the EKOenergy licence agreement.

Lappeenrannan Energia will sell EKOenergy from wood biomass and wind. The biomass electricity is produced in the Kaukaan power plant, located in the Eastern Finnish city of Lappeenranta. Their EKOenergy wind power is produced in Finland by Hyötytuuli. Nordic Green Energy sells EKOenergy labelled electricity from wind turbines and hydropower plants in Norway and Finland

Both companies have been active for a very long time under the previous Finnish ecolabel. We are very happy to welcome them now under the new European EKOenergy.

2. Why fishers should buy EKOenergy labeled hydropower

Over 100 project proposals for Climate FundRiku Eskelinen of the EKOenergy Secretariat blogs about why -surprisingly- a fisher should choose EKOenergy labelled hydropower.

'Hydro electricity can only be sold as EKOenergy only if it originates from power stations which implement environmental measures backed by local environmental NGOs. The more there is demand for EKOenergy labelled hydro electricity, the more power will be stimulated to invest in river restoration measures, such as the building of fish passages.

Read the blog on the EKOenergy website.

Photo: Screenshot of a youtube video about restoration works on the Finnish Morronjoki river. By Olga Gerasimenko

3. Follow @EKOenergytweet on Twitter

Peeter-Erik KiisHappy to introduce our new live Twitter feed in English. Follow us on Twitter for the latest news, developments and comments!

The management of our new English twitter account is one of the tasks of Peeter-Erik Kiis, the new trainee from the Helsinki Metropolia Business School. Peeter speaks Mandarin Chinese in addition to Finnish, English and Estonian. With his international working experience and the support of the business school contacts he will assist in a variety of tasks and projects that require a trade & logistics oriented approach.

4.  News from the EKOenergy Secretariat

Find EKOenergy projects on YouTube EKOenergy is growing. We get a lot of positive reactions, questions and offers. From suppliers, potential consumers, citizens, NGOs,.. The staff, volunteers and interns at the Secretariat are full time on the move to grasp the opportunities.

Anna R. focuses on Norway, Marie on France, Riku and Pilvi on Finland. Steven is in contact with the members of the network. Minna is overviewing pilot projects to audit the EKOenergy biomass criteria (and will write a master thesis about it). Anna D., Maria and Peeter are working on the marketing and the communication.

We get almost every day questions from candidate volunteers and interns willing to join the team. At least 1 Italian and 2 Germans will join us in the coming months. Thanks!

5.  17 languages, thanks to Cláudia and 45 other volunteers

We fund river restoration projects In the last 3 months, over 45 volunteers have translated the EKOenergy website partially or completely to 17 languages. And 5 more languages will follow very soon.

Cláudia translated the whole website to Portuguese. "I have helped with the translation of the EKOenergy website because I think it is important to promote the use of sustainable electricity. If we want a better future, we need to stop depending on oil. Helping with the translation was also an opportunity for me to practice and improve my skills."

Thanks a lot Cláudia and all the others! Looking forward to a long lasting and productive cooperation with all of you.

6.  Partner of the week: The Iceland Nature Conservation Association (INCA)

Partner of the week: INCA The Iceland Nature Conservation Association (INCA) is interested in both the climate perspective of renewable electricity, and in the impacts of renewable electricity production on nature.

INCA is e.g. actively campaigning against planned oil drilling off the Icelandic coast. INCA is also expert on the impacts of geothermal and hydropower on nature in general and on the Icelandic wilderness areas in particular.

The EKOenergy network has already benefited from INCA's experience. And we are all looking forward to seeing EKOenergy developing and growing in Iceland. More information about the Icelandic Nature Conservaton Association:

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