EKOenergy Newsletter,  issue 29
  28 April 2014

1.  SunEdison donates solar panels
2.  Three more joined the EKOenergy Network
3.  New Licensees: HSE and Bischoff & Ditze Energy
4.  Bachelor's thesis about EKOenergy's biomass audit
5.  I-REC approved as tracking instrument for EKOenergy in Turkey
6.  EKOenergy on Energie-Experten website and in Romanian report
7.  Apple takes climate change seriously and switches to renewables

1.  SunEdison donates solar panels

In the last Newsletter, we announced that we have collected the first 10.000 euro in our Climate Fund.

In reaction to this news, SunEdison informed us that they are willing to donate solar panels to our first climate project. Amazing news. We are very honoured that a company like SunEdison believes in our approach. We are of course also happy that we can now do even more with the same amount of money.

We are currently finalizing the contracts with all involved organizations. More about this in the next Newsletter.

Donations remain welcome. Dozens of good projects applied for funding from our Climate Fund. Contact the EKOenergy Secretariat for more information.

2.  Three more joined the EKOenergy Network

In the past weeks, another 3 dynamic organizations joined the EKOenergy Network.

CEEV Živica is a main Slovak environmental NGO. Its focus is on  environmental education, training and eco-counselling.

Калининградский областной детско-юношеский центр экологии, краеведения и туризма (or 'Green Planet') from Kaliningrad, Russian Federation, focuses on environmental education. The main issues are biodiversity, climate and energy. The organization is also actively involved in the SPARE project.

Ecocity from Greece, focuses mainly on the urban environment. The 5 basic areas of activity are: Air pollution in cities, water, energy, transport and recycling. Ecocity is also a member of EEB and of Transport & Environment.

Welcome - vitajte - добро пожаловать - καλωσόρισμα

We are now 34 from 26 countries. (Click here for the map).  And more will join.

3.  New Licensees: Bischoff & Ditze Energy GmbH and HSE

Last week, 2 companies signed the EKOenergy Licence Agreement.

Bischoff & Ditze Energy GmbH is a German service provider for electricity suppliers. From now on, they are also able to help German suppliers to sell EKOenergy. 

The HSE Group is the largest Slovenian company in the area of power generation and is the largest producer and trader with electricity on the wholesale market in Slovenia.

Willkommen - dobrodošli. We are looking forward to working with you and your customers.

4.  Bachelor's thesis about biomass audit

EKOenergy is a label for electricity sales. We audit the suppliers, not the producers. For  aspects related to the production, we use in principle only data which have earlier been verified by others. There is one exception to this rule. In the case of biomass, we have quite a unique set of criteria.  This means that we had to set up an extra verification system for electricity produced from biomass.

Minna Hänninen, of the Savonia University of Applied Sciences, has done a great job in setting up such a system. She helped us to run the first pilot projects and developed the audit process and the audit forms. Last week, she defended her Bachelor's thesis "Auditing process to verify EKOenergy producing biopower plants" (in Finnish). Thanks a lot and congratulations.

5.  I-REC approved as tracking instrument for EKOenergy in Turkey


It is now official: EKOenergy accepts I-REC as tracking instrument for EKOenergy in Turkey. 

The I-REC system has been approved under the following conditions:

- Only domestic sales are allowed (no export).
- The certificates have to be used/cancelled within 1 year after the production of the electricity (as with the Guarantees of Origin).
- The same MWh cannot be used at the same time in the carbon offsetting market. (This is automatically covered by I-REC.)
- The recognition of the I-REC system as a tracking system for EKOenergy can be withdrawn with a two-year notice.

6.  EKOenergy on the website of Energie-Experten and in Romanian report


In a blog on the website of Energie-Experten, Tim Reinders focuses on our positive approach and invites German stakeholders to join us. "Wir wissen, dass wir ein gutes Produkt haben, das flexibel und verbraucherfreundlich ist. Daher sind wir davon überzeugt, dass unser europäischer Ansatz auch für den deutschen Markt wertvoll ist."

A Romanian report about green public procurement recommends authorities to switch to EKOenergy. "Eticheta europeană EKOenergy există și în România începând cu 2013 și ea face exact ceea ce aminteam înainte: creează valoare adăugată, asigurându-se că piața energiei susține și întărește politicile climatice". (The European ecolabel EKOenergy has existed in Romania since 2013 and it does exactly what I mentioned before: it brings added value, ensuring that the energy market supports and strengthens climate policies.) See page 22 and 23 of the report for more information, with extensive quotations from our Romanian website.

7.  Apple takes climate change seriously and switches to renewables


On Earth Day (April 22nd), Apple renewed the environmental page on its website.

"Climate Change is a real problem, so we are taking real action"

"We’re investing in our own Apple onsite energy production as well as establishing relationships with third‑party energy suppliers to source renewable energy. As of 2013, we’ve already converted 73 percent of the energy for all our facilities â€” 86 percent for our corporate campuses and 100 percent for our data centers. And so far in 2014, we’re powering more than 120 U.S. retail stores with renewable energy."

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