EKOenergy Newsletter,  issue 12
  10 June 2013

1.   First geothermal power plants on EKOenergy map
2.   News from the Secretariat
3.   Amazing volunteers 
4.   EKOenergy at World Village Festival
5.   New member: Eko Element from Bosnia and Herzegovina
6.   Translations
7.   Summer trainees at EKOenergy Secretariat
8.   People behind EKOenergy: Marta García París

1.   First geothermal power plants on EKOenergy map

Nesjavellir and Hellisheiði are the first geothermal power plants, on our EKOenergy map. Both power plants are owned by Orkuveita Reykjavíkur.

Click here to see the EKOenergy map. Is your favorite power plant still missing from our list? Let us know!

Photo:  Nesjavellir © Lydur Skulason
Licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 2.0

2.     News from the secretariat

Riku, Steven, Paloma and Anna are in active contacts with stakeholders from all over Europa. We are having contacts in more than 25 countries, and in almost all of these we are proceeding very well. We hope to get some concrete results before the summer.

Minna is full time informing Finnish companies about the new Finnish law on electricity tracking, and about EKOenergy.

Maria was out of office last 2 weeks.

Click here for the contact details of the staff and volunteers at the EKOenergy secretariat.

3.  Amazing volunteers

EKOenergy is an active participant in Europe's Youth in Action Program. At this moment we host 3 EVS volunteers (European Voluntary Service). One of them is Anna Rybalova. Before coming to EKOenergy, Anna was already an active volunteer in many Arctic and Nordic organizations.

Last week, Anna was a speaker at the Barents Summit, where she represented the Nordic youth, and where she got the opportunity so discuss with politicians from Russia, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Congratulations Anna.

4.  EKOenergy at World Village Festival

EKOenergy at World Village FestivalEKOenergy participated at the World Village Festival in Helsinki, Finland. Our main and most popular attraction was the EKOenergy bike. This hometrainer generates electricity to charge mobile phones (and other small electric devices).

More than 100 of the visitors switched their electricity agreements to EKOenergy.
We thank Sari Nissinen for the organization and 13 other volunteers for helping.

5.  New member: Eko Element from Bosnia & Herzegovina

Friends of Nature Eko Element from Bosnia Herzegovina joined the EKOenergy network last week.

Friends of Nature – Ekoelement“, was established in August 2008 as a response to
“Ekoelement” has succeeded in mobilizing community members to get
involved in environmental issues thus strengthening the role of the civil
society. Permanent cooperation with all levels of authorities has lead to
trust and understanding. Eko Element is now regularly involved in
programs and is widely recognized for its expertise.

We are now 24 NGOs from 20 different countries. A complete and updated list of members members of the EKOenergy Network can be found on our website.

6.    Translations

Little by little, we continue to translate our materials. The EKOenergy text is now also available in Portuguese, which brings the number of translations at 13.  The summary is already available in 23 languages.

Last week, we have translated the EKOenergy Licence Agreement in Spanish and Finnish. More languages will follow, and we still welcome all help.

7.  Summer trainees

Olga Gerasimenko Olga Gerasimenko studies Environmental Engineering Technology at Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. In June and August, she will help EKOenergy to develop activities in Russia and Poland. Olga will also make a market research about use of green power by supermarkets.
Anu VihmaAnu Vihma has joined the EKOenergy team as a communication trainee. From today to mid-August, she will help to spread out information about EKOenergy.  Anu has over 20 years work experience, e.g. at YLE and other main TV and radio channels in Finland.

8.  People behind EKOenergy: Marta García Paris

Marta García Paris

Marta García Paris is a coordinator at Ecoserveis, the EKOenergy partner in Spain. Ecoserveis organises educational projects as well as informational, educational and research related to sustainable energy production and use.

“Switching to renewable energy isn't just the best choice; it is our only option as the way the world produces and uses energy today is not sustainable. And working on Ekoenergy project makes me feel as I am contributing to this global aim”.

Click  here for more information about Ecoserveis.


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