EKOenergy Newsletter, Issue 50
     24th August 2015

1.  Our 50th Newsletter
2.  Launch of our river restoration projects
3.  Energysolutions24 and EKOenergy start direct marketing project
4.  Call for river restoration projects
5.  New brains at the EKOenergy Secretariat
6.  And it is getting hotter...

1.  Our 50th Newsletter

In November 2012, ten environmental organisations decided to create the EKOenergy Network. In February 2013, we launched the EKOenergy label.

Since then, things have been advancing fast:
  • 38 environmental organisations from 28 countries have become members of our network. And more will follow.
  • We have licensed sellers in eleven countries.
  • We have donated solar panels to six schools in Tanzania, Cameroon and Indonesia. And we have financed river restoration projects in six locations. 
  • We have hosted over 30 volunteers and trainees from 12 countries.
  • We communicate in more than 20 different languages.
You can find more about our progress in the archives of our Newsletter.

2.  Launch of our river restoration projects

We collect funds for river restoration projects via the sale of hydropower with the EKOenergy label.

Last spring, we donated €52,000 to projects in Salo, Paimio, Saarijärvi, Hamina, Virolahti and Miehikkälä in Finland and to a project on the Norina river in Latvia. In most locations, work is now in progress!

The projects are located where human activities have destroyed the natural habitats of fish and crayfish.

Click here for more information about EKOenergy's Environmental Fund.

3.  EKOenergy starts direct marketing project

EKOenergy has joined strengths with the German company Energysolutions24.

Together, we will set up a network of independent sales agents. These sales agents will look for new EKOenergy consumers and will get a fixed fee for each new consumer they attract.

We will start in Finland. From September onwards, EKOenergy's former trainee Anu Vihma will work full time on the project. We expect the network to be running by December 2015.

Are you interested in being involved in this project? Would you like to convince your friends to switch to EKOenergy? Let us know via

4.  Call for river restoration projects

EKOenergy is looking to fund more projects that reduce the negative impacts of hydropower production.

We have launched a call for projects in Finland (where 90% of the sales of EKOenergy certified hydropower take place). The deadline of the call for projects is 27th September. You can find the call here (in Finnish).

The selection process will have two rounds. During October-November, the projects will first be evaluated by river restoration experts and approved by EKOenergy's Board. In the second round, consumers of the electricity company Fortum will get the opportunity to select between two and four projects through a public vote. One or two extra projects will be selected by a group of experts. The process will be finalised early next year.

A call for river restoration projects in other countries will be opened later.

5.   New brains at the EKOenergy Secretariat

There are a lot of new volunteers at the EKOenergy Secretariat!

Ana Baudot from Madrid came via the European Voluntary Service Programme. She will stay one year and focus on the development of EKOenergy in Spain and Portugal. We will also look for opportunities to cooperate with stakeholders in Latin America.

Mandy Trachsel from Cloppenburg, Germany, studies International Business and Management in Groningen, Netherlands. During her 3 months Erasmus+ traineeship at the EKOenergy Secretariat, she will focus on marketing and developing contacts with German electricity sellers.

Leonie Scherer, the third German at the Secretariat, comes from Stuttgart. She is a girl of action! While many talk about what could be done, she just does it. She saved her birthday money to fund her time at the EKOenergy Secretariat. Amazing! Leonie will stay one month and will bring new ideas to promote EKOenergy in Germany.

See the whole team on our website.

6.   And it is getting hotter...

Last month was the hottest July on record. Scientists predict that 2015 is all but certain to crush previous global temperature records. This is especially likely since the strong underlying global warming trend is being boosted by an emerging “Godzilla El Niño”, as a NASA oceanographer put it.

The expected speed up in global warming appears to be already starting now.

But fortunately July was also full of good news:
  • renewable energy is cheaper than ever before
  • the low price of fossil fuels is creating room for a carbon tax
  • an increasing number of business leaders and decision makers agree that we have to stop using coal as soon as possible.
Text about the temperature records is based on an article of ClimateProgress
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