EKOenergy Newsletter,  issue 20
  7 November 2013

1.  CSR and green electricity
2.  Carbon foot print of electricity from biomass
3.  Fabiola Nardò: Italian help at the secretariat
4.  New Licensee: Danske Commodities
5.  EKOenergy at 'Storm warning event'

1.  CSR and green electricity

Finnish Business and Society, the Finnish CSR organization, invited EKOenergy to set up a seminar about green electricity.

Keynote speaker Pedro Faria, technical director of CDP, gave a highly appreciated lecture about the evolution of the European electricity market and about the ecological, economic and technical challenges the sector is currently facing.

Riku Eskelinen, of the EKOenergy Secretariat, presented EKOenergy.

The event was attended by more than 50 people, representing more than 40 companies and organizations.

2. Carbon foot print of biomass electricity

EKOenergy and UPM organized a workshop about the carbon foot print of biomass based electricity.

30 experts from all stakeholder groups exchanged experiences, concerns and ideas: consumers, suppliers, carbon accounters, environmental NGOs, forestry experts, forestry companies,...

From EKOenergy's perspective, we noticed a huge need for clear information. As well as a widely shared call for sustainability criteria. Not surprisingly, we are convinced that we can play an important role in both of these issues.

3. Fabiola Nardò: Italian help at the secretariat

The EKOenergy secretariat welcomes a new EVS (European Voluntary Service) volunteer. 

Fabiola Nardò from Pavia, Italy, graduated in foreign languages in April 2013. She also studied European Union legislation as well as sustainable development issues. Before joining our team, she has been an intern at a translation agency and followed a business-conversation course in Novosibirsk, Russia.

Her EVS project will last until November 2014 and she will be responsible for the contacts with Italian stakeholders, as well as for EKOenergy's communication via social media.

4.  New Licensee: Danske Commodities

The Danish company Danske Commodities has signed the EKOenergy Licence Agreement, and is now able to sell EKOenergy.

Danske Commodities is an independent, international energy commodities trader and provides an array of energy-related services. Founded in 2004, it now operates in over 30 countries.

The company's intention is to be able to provide EKOenergy from as many sources as possible, and from as many countries as possible.

Danske Commodities, we are eager to start working with you!

5.  EKOenergy at Storm warning event

Last sunday, the EKOenergy team participated at  Myrskyvaroitus (Storm Warning) event, in Helsinki.

The event started with a panel discussion about what can be done against climate change. The debate was followed by a concert. 

Four enthusiastic EKOenergy volunteers set up an information stand, and organized a drawing competition. The pictures have now been published on our Finnish Facebook page. Help us choose the winner by liking your favorite drawing. Vote here. The winner gets a basket of Ole Hyvä products.

Thanks Pilvimaari for organizing this.
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