EKOenergy Newsletter,  issue 13
  25 June 2013

1.  Call for projects: energy poverty in developing countries.
2.  GreenStream signs EKOenergy License Agreement
3.  First biomass plant gets EKOenergy eligibility
4.  EKOenergy text in German and Swedish
5.  Member of the EKOenergy Network: Glopolis

1.  Call for projects: energy poverty in developing countries.

Photo by Randy Montoya.

For each MWh of EKOenergy sold, minimum 10 eurocent go the EKOenergy Climate Fund. That money will be used to invest in climate projects that would not have happened without the contributions. We have just launched a 'Call for projects', searching for small scale energy poverty projects in developing countries. Click here for the 'Call for projects'. Deadline for submissions is September 15th, 2013.
Photo CC BY NC 2.0, by Randy Montoya/ Researchers at Sandia

2. GreenStream signs EKOenergy License Agreement

Green streamGreenStream has signed the EKOenergy Licence Agreement.

GreenStream, with offices across Europe and in China, focuses on the provision of services on the climate and renewable energy markets.
GreenStream is now able to provide EKOenergy to corporate consumers all over Europe. They can also help electricity producers and electricity suppliers to start selling EKOenergy. Contact them (or us) for more information.

Find out more about GreenStream here:
Photo by Olga Gerasimenko 

3.  First biomass plant gets EKOenergy eligibility

Biomass mapThe Pursiala power plant of the Finnish company Etelä-Savon Energia is the first power plant that will start producing 'EKOenergy biomass'. The power plant has a thermal capacity of 130 MW (heat for the Finnish city of Mikkeli) and an electrical capacity of 62 MW.

Do you want to have a particular power plant on our list and map? Contact the EKOenergy secretariat, or fill the power plant enrollment form.

4.   EKOenergy text in German and Swedish

TranslationThe translation work goes on. The 'EKOenergy - Network and label' is now also available in German and Swedish, which brings the number of translations at 15.  The summary is already available in 27 languages. See 

More languages will follow, and we still welcome all help.

Photo: Â© Markus Koljonen 

5. Partner of the EKOenergy Network: Glopolis


24 organizations are member of the EKoenergy Network. The Czech partner is Glopolis.

Glopolis' focus is on creating a more responsible economy, smarter energy policies and stable food markets.

Glopolis works with governments, businesses, experts, civil society and local communities to create innovative responses to challenges. Glopolis stimulates multi-stakeholder, inter-disciplinary debate and engages in practical action in the Czech Republic as well as in other countries, rich and poor. See

Click here for an overview of our members

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