EKOenergy Newsletter,  issue 21
  21 November 2013

1.  Where should Climate Fund money go to?
2.  Finnish Ministry of Economy supports EKOenergy Secretariat
3.  New members from Georgia and Latvia
4.  EKOenergy day in Tallinn, Estonia

1.  Where should Climate Fund money go to?

EKOenergy wants to use next year's money of the EKOenergy Climate Fund to support electrification projects in developing countries.

Between July and September, about 110 organizations sent us exactly 100 applications, containing over 130 projects. A group of six readers has gone through the projects. Based on their evaluation, we have now selected the 15 best projects.

We invite all (current as well as future) EKOenergy consumers and EKOenergy suppliers, to participate in the further selection process. If you are interested, send a mail to, and we will send you guidelines and texts.

We want to have the ranking and the comments by 31 December. The final decision will be taken by the EKOenergy Board, in January 2014.

2. Finnish Ministry of Economy supports EKOenergy secretariat

The Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy grants 50.000 € to the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation to support the activities of the EKOenergy Secretariat in 2014. (The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation hosts the EKOenergy Secretariat). The ministry has earlier granted the same amount in 2012 and 2013.

2012 was the year of the brainstorming, 2013 the year of the start-up, in 2014 we'll grow, and from 2015, we'll fly on our own wings!

Eero Yrjö-Koskinen, the Executive Director of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation expresses his satisfaction about the Ministry’s decision: “We are happy that the Ministry continues to support the development of the first European wide ecolabel for electricity. This funding has been crucial as it has enabled us to build the foundations of the new label.”

3. New members from Georgia and Latvia

2 more NGOs joined the EKOenergy Network.

Spectri is a Georgian NGO. Spectri’s fields of activities include education and science, environment, waste management, energy, social aspects and health care as well as the development of small businesses.

Latvian Green Movement (Latvijas Zaļā Kustība) is an environmental NGO with five regional groups, working to promote environmental protection and public participation. The organization focuses in its work on three areas: climate issues and sustainable energy, sustainable coastal development and supporting local initiatives and campaigns for improved environmental quality.

Welcome to the network!

More members will join in the coming weeks. We have requests from NGOs in Macedonia, Armenia and Turkey.

4.  EKOenergy day in Tallinn, Estonia

The Estonian Fund for Nature (ELF) is the main nature conservation NGO in Estonia, and a big supporter of EKOenergy.

Today, 21 of November, ELF organizes an "EKOenergy Day" in Tallinn. In the morning, there are presentations about the liberalized electricity market, about ecolabeling and about the relation between nature and renewable energy. In the afternoon there is a contact seminar about EKOenergy. Over 80 people have registered. An overwhelming succes.

The local EKOenergy contact person, Piret Väinsalu, also got an article published in Bioneer.

Congratulations Estonians!
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