EKOenergy Newsletter,  issue 10
  7 May 2013

1.   EKOenergy got funding for the Baltic states
2.   Viva EKOenergía. Promotion tour in Spain.
3.   EKOenergy in Basque and Galician
4.   One month, 4 project applications
5.   Vindenergi Danmark signs Licence Agreement

1.  EKOenergy got funding for the Baltic states

Photographer Magnus Frderberg/norden.orgThe Estonian Fund for Nature and the Latvian Fund for Nature received a grant from the Nordic Council of Ministers to experiment with EKOenergy in Estonia and Latvia. Congratulations!

More information of  the NCM - Grants here.

Photo:  Svaneflaget Â© Magnus Frdberg /
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5. Denmark

2.  Viva EKOenergía. Promotion tour in Spain.

Our Spanish volunteer Paloma Azcuenaga combined her holidays in Spain with an EKOenergy promotion tour. Main event on the agenda was the Forum de Energía Sostenible in Barcelona, organized by the Spanish EKOenergy partner Ecoserveis.

3.  EKOenergy in Basque and Galician 

We left well equipped to Spain (see also paragraph above). The EKOenergy text was already available in Spanish and Catalan. And we the help of the PerMondo Initiative for free translation of web pages and documents for NGOs, we managed to get a Basque and Galician translation as well. Thanks a lot.

Click here for the EKOenergy Text in 11 languages.

illustration: © woodleywonderworks
Creative Commons CC-BY- 2.0

4.    One month, four project applications

Last month, the EKOenergy team has been concentrating on project writing.
- We wrote 1 project for the Nordic Council of Ministers'. Focus is on setting up pilot projects to test the EKOenergy biomass criteria.
- We wrote 1 EVS project (European Volunteer Service). We want to host more volunteers at the EKOenergy secretariat.
- We developed a project with a Finnish graduate student to help Finnish companies to implement the new Finnish law on electricity tracking and electricity disclosure.
- Last but not least, we wrote an IEE project (Intelligent Energy Europe) about 'Empowering Renewable Electricity Consumers'.
Photo: Maria Faticov ©  by Anna Rybalova  

5.  Vindenergi Danmark signs Licence Agreement

Vindenergi Danmark has signed the EKOenergy Licence Agreement. Wind from Denmark is a wonderful product and we will be happy to promote it. Welcome.

Photo:  Â©
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