EKOenergy Newsletter, Issue 55
     3rd December 2015

1.  Imatra Elekter brings EKOenergia to Estonia
2.  Leadership with EKOenergy
3   More EKOenergy logos in the supermarket
4.  New on Youtube: tracking of electricity
5.  Vacancy at the EKOenergy Secretariat
6.  Interview with Anna Leidreiter, Global 100% RE
7.  Greetings from Cameroon
8.  Global Climate March

1.  Imatra Elekter brings EKOenergy to Estonia

The electricity supplier Imatra Elekter is the first supplier to sell EKOenergy in Estonia.

Sven Pitkve, from Imatra Elekter, explains “we decided to sell EKOenergy because it is more than green electricity, and it also stands for sustainable development. With EKOenergy we can offer our current and future customers more value added products with a well-known international brand.”


Click here for more information about the EKOenergy offer of Imatra Elekter (in Estonian, Russian and English).

2.  Leadership with EKOenergy

As more and more companies make the shift to 100% renewable energy, frontrunners and leaders are looking for ways to do more.

For such companies, switching to EKOenergy is a recommendable option.

Chapter 11 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 2 Guidance, which details “How Companies Can Drive Electricity Supply Changes with the Market-Based Method", explicitly refers to EKOenergy and EKOenergy’s Climate Fund. Buying EKOenergy can also be one of the components of the company's biodiversity policy.

Read more about this in the recent post "Leadership with EKOenergy - EKOenergy for CSR" on LinkedIn. Or contact us at

3.  More EKOenergy logos in the supermarket

Companies using EKOenergy can use the EKOenergy-logo in their communication. It is a good way to show that they use the best available renewable electricity and to encourage others to do the same.

Ole Hyvä (toiletries and detergents) and Jalotofu (tofu) were two of the first movers on the Finnish market. And others are following the example. From this week onwards, the packaging of the Lietlahti organic carrot farm, Finland, shows consumers that both the farm and the packaging unit use EKOenergy.

Also the Ecorganic supermarket in Valencia actively informs its consumers about its choice of EKOenergy. Their story even made it to ECOHZ's newsletter and website. Nice!

4.  Videos and online course

We have uploaded new videos to our Youtube channel.

"Introduction to Tracking of Renewable Electricity - GOs / RECs" is a 5 minute extract of our online course "Green Power - renewable electricity for LEED and Carbon Accounting".

The full course is available on the website of the US Green Building Council and is getting some great feedback e.g. "This course is recommended to everybody who needs better understanding of the green power purchase particulars.". Click here to learn more.

We have also uploaded the same slides in German: "Einführung zu Herkunftsnachweisen und RECs - Stromrückverfolgung". The complete version of the German LEED course will be published shortly.

5.  Vacancy at EKOenergy secretariat

EKOenergy is recruiting a new salesperson to focus on contacting medium and large Finnish electricity consumers.

Knowledge of Finnish is of course a requirement. The deadline for applications is 9th December.

Click here for the vacancy (in Finnish).

6.  Interview with Anna Leidreiter, Global 100% RE

ECOHZ has published an interview with Anna Leidreiter, Senior Programme Manager of Climate and Energy at the World Future Council in Hamburg. She coordinates the Global 100% Renewable Energy campaign. The campaign has recently joined the EKOenergy Network.

Here is a short excerpt of the interview, for the full text, click here.

"The Global 100% RE campaign and EKOenergy share very similar ambitions. I mean, we are both campaigning for a 100% renewable energy world, and we do so by focusing on good examples and by building an inclusive and growing network. With EKOenergy as a partner, we think, we can reach new target audiences. Personally, I think EKOenergy can also be one of these concrete tools needed to bring the inspiring story of the Energiewende to other countries such as Poland and the Czech Republic…"

"I like the way they involve people and organisations from very different background. It's a rather new network, with lots of members who haven't cooperated before. They started with a group of very local organisations from rather small countries, but they grow month after month. This is definitely the result of EKOenergy's inclusive and pragmatic approach."

7.  Greetings from Cameroon

Solafrica and Jeunesse Verte du Cameroun have informed us that the solar panels, which were financed through EKOenergy's Climate Fund, have arrived. The installation starts this week.

We'll keep you informed!


8.  Global Climate March

Last weekend, people all over the world marched for climate justice and to ask for an end of carbon pollution.

Environmental organisations are asking to write in the Paris Agreement that fossil fuel emissions will be phased-out by 2050. And this has to happen by switching to a 100% renewable economy.

EKOenergy joined the marches in Helsinki and Stockholm.
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