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Edition 70  -  13 September 2016

1.   For consumers, with consumers
2.   We are active worldwide
3.   EKOenergy for Luxembourg
4.   An ecolabel for renewable gas
5.   Four years of international volunteering at EKOenergy
6.   News from the members: a global energy revolution
7.   Ocean warming has dramatic impact

1.   For consumers, with consumers

EKOenergy helps consumers find the best electricity contracts. We also unite consumers and help them speak with one voice. Together, we can really make a positive difference for nature and for the environment.

Since the very start of EKOenergy (in 2012) consumers and consumer organisations have been closely involved and throughout the years, we have developed many ways to better involve EKOenergy consumers. We work for and with consumers!

Last week, we made one step further. The Italian consumer organisation Cittadinanzattiva has become a member of the EKOenergy Network. Cittadinanzattiva has around 115.000 members. They operate at local level through 250 “Active Citizenship Assemblies". As climate change is speeding up, Cittadinanzattiva wants to play a more active role. Not only as advisor and expert, but as a promotor of sustainable renewable energy!

Welcome on board Cittadinanzattiva. Together we will make a difference!

2.    We are active worldwide

We started in Europe but are now gradually expanding our global reach.

- We've just welcomed Bariq21 from Algeria as our first member in the Arab world. Bariq means "glow" in Arabic and alludes to the hope they want to bring. The number 21 refers to Agenda 21, which was adopted at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in 1992. Bariq21 promotes cooperation between civil society, state institutions, universities and businesses and focuses on concrete sustainable development actions in Eastern Algeria.

- We are also actively looking for EKOenergy eligible power plants in as many countries as possible. We have already selected Chinese wind farms and a Taiwanese hydropower plant. We are in contact with producers from many other countries and we are sure we'll soon find suitable power power plants in Latin America and Northern Africa. Contact us for more information.

- Olga Usova is the new contact person for Russian speaking countries, Merve Güngor is now focusing on Turkey and Nandita Rajan continues to be our contact person for India.
"When I heard about EKOenergy, I immediately thought this is something I want to support, this is an idea which we need to spread over the world. Renewable energy with international sustainability criteria is an easy choice for me."

Renowned dancer Jaja Vankova, on her instagram account. We are very happy to have another well-known supporter of EKOenergy!

3.    EKOenergy for Luxembourg

EKOenergy is now also available in Luxembourg, via the 100% renewable electricity supplier Eida.

EKOenergy by Eida gives the residents of Luxembourg a way to go further in their responsible electricity consumption, See

"Eida is ecological and independent – we are a real alternative for residential customers, for businesses and for local authorities. We wanted to add an EKOenergy certified product to our portfolio. Our customers have now even more choice to find the product which best suits their needs.” explains Sébastien Otten, in charge of sales at Eida.

4.    An ecolabel for renewable gas

As announced earlier: we are working on an ecolabel for renewable gas (biogas and power to gas).

In the past months we contacted many experts and we circulated and tested ideas. 

This has resulted in draft criteria:

The public consultation about this text runs until 5 October 2016. Please send your comments to See also

"We make conscious choice in all our activities, also in the energy we use. Thank you @EKOenergy_ #sustainablebusiness"

Globe Hope, via twitter.

5.    Four years of international volunteering at EKOenergy

Four years ago, six environmental organisations were setting up an international network to promote sustainable renewable energy. That was the beginning of EKOenergy. Very quickly, we realised we would need a lot of hands...

And then we discovered the European Voluntary Service (EVS) Program, a part of the EU Erasmus+ program. It turned out to be one of the great ways to get extremely motivated youth to our office in Helsinki.

This week we celebrate 4 years of EVS program at EKOenergy. Between September 2012 and today, we have hosted 29 volunteers from 15 countries. Thanks a lot to all these volunteers who have helped EKOenergy grow all across the world.

6.    News from the members: spreading the energy revolution

Our Hamburg based member, Global 100% RE, focuses on spreading the energy revolution: 100% renewable is possible, everywhere!

From 25-29 September, they are organising a study tour for delegates from European regions. The participants will visit renewable energy projects in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. The goal is to explore possible future cooperations, as well as to share best practices.

Global 100% RE is also one of the partners of the 1st World Community Power Conference, taking place on 3 and 4 November in Fukushima. The conference will gather 300 delegates, amongst them more than 40 experts from communities, non-governmental organisations, governments, research institutes and companies. The experts and the other attendees will formulate a strategy to strengthen community power worldwide.  Learn more and register here:

Recently, Global 100% RE also launched a video about the 100% renewable energy targets. See "100% Renewable Energy" (youtube-version).

Amazing and promising! We are sure that we will gradually find many synergies between Global 100% RE's international activities and our own internationalisation process.

7.   Ocean warming has dramatic impact

The coming century will likely bring dangerous and dramatic changes to the planet's oceans, with ever strengthening storms, annual bleaching of almost all coral reefs, loss of biodiversity and severe impacts on fisheries and aquaculture unless humans slash greenhouse gas emissions.

These are the findings of a comprehensive review of the effects of warming oceans, issued by IUCN and compiled by more than 80 scientists from 12 countries. The report chronicles how the seas have absorbed the vast majority of the excess heat trapped in the atmosphere by carbon emissions in recent decades, and how that energy is already altering the planet's weather systems and ecology.

All of these ecological changes have profound impacts on people. Both fisheries and aquaculture would be "severely affected" if humans fail to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the report said. The impacts will not be uniform, with nations in the tropics and subtropics suffering the worst effects.

Picture: IUCN - Text: Nicholas Kusnetz, copied from
We at EKOenergy are always looking to grow our network. If you want more information about becoming a partner of ours, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 
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