EKOenergy Newsletter, Issue 57
     4th January 2016

1.  Thanks for 2015
2.  More of this in 2016
3   Wind in the sails of EKOenergy
4.  Leadership and CSR with EKOenergy
5.  Another record-breaking year for solar and wind

1.  Thanks for 2015

2015 was a great and productive year for EKOenergy. We are particularly happy about the many successful cooperations:
-  cooperation with the 30 sellers of EKOenergy
-  cooperation with 3 development organisations bringing solar energy to 6 schools in Tanzania, Cameroon and Indonesia
-  cooperation with the German and American Green Building Councils, resulting in an online course about green electricity.
-  cooperation with hundreds of organisations, companies and private persons in the Energiaremontti, the Finnish energy renovation campaign
-  cooperation with schools, sending organisations and youth administrations, allowing us to host 23 volunteers and trainees from 14 countries
-  and many, many more!

This wouldn't have been possible without you! Thank you so much.

2.  More of this in 2016

We are looking forward to continuing our work in 2016. The year has started promising and we are prepared for more.

-  we have just recruited a new sales and marketing person
-  we are a main partner in an ambitious EU LIFE project, which will focus on river restoration and the construction of fish passages on several rivers in Finland
-  Imatra Elekter starts selling EKOenergy in Estonia, a German seller will become the next EKOenergy seller later this week.
-  After Paris, many stakeholders understand that more needs to be done. EKOenergy is one of the perfect tools for doing so.

The challenges are huge, but cooperation and involvement make the work nice and light. Let's go for it.

3.  Wind in the sails of EKOenergy

Aleksandra Blinnikka, Windsurfer of the Year in Finland and this year’s European Champion in the Women´s Raceboarding Class, supports and promotes EKOenergy.

As a daily user of wind and water energy, she perfectly understands the huge potential and power of renewable energy. Together we will spread the word about the beauty of clean energy.

We are proud to see our logo on Aleksandra's sail.

In Finland, we are also joining strenghts with Protect Our Winters, the leading climate advocacy group for the winter sports community and with EcoCompass, which is making a guide for green events in cooperation with the Finnish Olympic Committee.

More and more athletes are expressing their concern about climate change (E.g. via Sport4Climate). EKOenergy wants to
be one of the tools allowing them to move from concern to action.

4.  Leadership and CSR with EKOenergy

As EKOenergy is always based on reliable tracking instruments, EKOenergy can be used for carbon accounting. Our approach is in line with the market based approach of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

At the same time, EKOenergy is also a tool to do more. Chapter 11 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 2 Guidance, which lists “How Companies Can Drive Electricity Supply Changes with the Market-Based Method”, explicitly refers to EKOenergy and EKOenergy’s climate Fund.
-  We focus on positive communication: uniting tens of thousands of consumers and actively promoting the benefits of renewables.
-  EKOenergy funds new renewable energy installations, through our Climate Fund.
-  The ecolabel is a tool for consumers to take into account biodiversity. We set sustainability criteria for electricity production and we fund river restoration project projects.
-  ...

Read more in our latest blog post. The text is also available in German, French and Italian.

5.  Another record-breaking year for solar and wind!

Wind and solar power appear set for a record-breaking year in 2016 as a clean-energy construction boom gains momentum in spite of a global glut of cheap fossil fuels.

Installations of wind turbines and solar panels soared in 2015 as utility companies went on a worldwide building binge, taking advantage of falling prices for clean technology as well as an improving regulatory and investment climate.

Orders for 2016 solar and wind installations are up sharply, from the United States to China to the developing economies of Africa and Latin America, all in defiance of stubbornly low prices for coal and natural gas, the industry’s chief competitors.

Vestas, based in Denmark, is one of three major turbine makers whose stock price doubled in 2015 amid a surge of new orders from North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Text copied from The Washington Postpicture: Vindenergi Danmark

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