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Edition 81  -  27 March 2017
1.   No dirty energy in my tasty food
2.   RECs Market Meeting: together for a 100% renewable world
3.   "Save our winters", now also in Sweden
4.   German award for EKOenergy
5.   EKOenergy from off-grid installations
6.   15,000 euro for solar installations in Guinea
7.   7,000 gas bubbles poised to explode in the Arctic

1.    No dirty energy in my tasty food

A quickly growing number of food companies is getting interested in the origin of the energy they use. No wonder: energy is an important ingredient in most food products.

Several of the world's largest food multinationals have joined the RE100, a coalition of companies which are all switching towards 100% renewable energy. Amongst the first EKOenergy users, there are many from the food sector too. Jalotofu was the first company to put the EKOenergy logo on their products.

Our Italian seller ForGreen launched a great campaign focusing on the "energy ingredient" of beer. Since the start of the campaign three Italian breweries have made the switch to EKOenergy: Lesster, Alma Birrificio Monzese and Beautiful Rebels. More will follow and many will add the EKOenergy logo to their bottles.

Many thanks to all of you. And we are sure that these first examples will inspire many others, worldwide.

2.    RECs Market Meeting: together for a 100% renewable world

At last week's RECs Market Meeting the focus was more than ever on the energy consumer.

Many corporate buyers, as well as consultancies, explained how they are implementing the Greenhouse Gas Scope 2 Guidance and how they are becoming 100% renewable. They spoke about green power purchases, solar installations on their own buildings, ecolabeled electricity, power purchase agreements, science based targets...

We are proud that several of the speakers referenced EKOenergy as a good tool for companies to do more.

We thank the organisers for this inspiring event. Leaders are showing us that a 100% renewable economy is possible. Let us convince all others to join the movement!
"The more companies are going for 100% renewable power, the greater the pressure on peers & on companies in the supply chain to switch to renewables too."

Oliver Edberg, Tetrapak, at RECs Market Meeting

3.    Save our winters, now also in Sweden

We told in earlier newsletters about "Save our winters", the joint campaign of EKOenergy and the Finnish branch of Protect Our Winters, an organisation of winter sport athletes.

Inspired by the results of the Finnish campaign, the energy supplier Nordic Green Energy Sweden approached the Swedish branch of Protect Our Winters. Together they launched a Swedish version of the campaign. Rädda våra vintrar!


Of course we are looking forward to seeing similar campaigns in many other countries. Save our winters, switch to EKOenergy!

4.    German award for EKOenergy

In January, the German Council for Sustainable Development granted us the quality label “Sustainability Project 2017”. This is a renowned distinction for projects contributing towards the Sustainable Development Goals. These goals include “affordable and clean energy” and “climate action”.

Last Thursday, two of our German supporters, Charlotte and Theresa, attended the award ceremony in Erfurt, Germany. Click here for pictures of the event (©RNE/ Sylwia Mierzyńska).

We are very happy and honoured about getting such great recognition. This encourages us to work even harder on behalf of a 100% sustainable and renewable world, in Germany and elsewhere.
"Many skiers are concerned about the future of their hobby and want their community and the winter sports industry to show leadership in fighting climate change. Switching to EKOenergy is the responsible thing to do for the sake of snowy winters.”

Niklas Kaskeala in our latest blog post, Athletes for EKOenergy.

5.    EKOenergy from off-grid installations

Users of energy from off-grid solar installations with an annual production of less than 200 MWh can now also use our logo, if the installation fulfils EKOenergy's sustainability criteria.

In the past months, we had noticed a growing interest in our ecolabel from the side of users of off-grid electricity and of course, we don't want to stay on the sideline.

The first off-grid building which has started to use the EKOenergy logo in its communication, is Mas La Llum, an ecohotel near Zaragoza, Spain.

Thanks a lot and welcome on board. EKOenergy for all!

We will continue to elaborate our criteria for self-produced energy. Contact us for more information.

6.    15,000 euro for solar installations in Guinea

Through EKOenergy's Climate Fund, we invite energy sellers and consumers to join the fight against energy poverty.

One of the projects we will finance this year is a project to install solar panels for five health centres in Guinea. The project will be implemented by the French organisation Santé Sud and will cost about €15,000.

The electrification of rural health centres has many positive impacts. A reliable electricity supply allows doctors to act at any time, day or night. Electricity is also  needed to keep vaccines and other medications refrigerated, and for charging the mobile phones and laptops used by the hospital.

We will keep you informed about the implementation of this and many other projects. Do you want to help us do more? Contact us!

7.   7,000 gas bubbles poised to explode in the Arctic

As the world's temperature increases and the permafrost melts, huge amount of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, are released into the atmosphere. 

In 2013, land-based permafrost released about 17 million tonnes of methane, a significant increase on the 3.8 million tons estimated in 2006, and estimates before then of just 0.5 million tonnes. (Wikipedia)

In recent years, media have told about  the sudden formation of the large craters in many parts of Siberia, evidently caused by eruptions or explosions of methane gas which has melted below the surface. Now, Russian scientists have discovered as many as 7,000 gas-filled bubbles, which can explode any time. (The Siberian Times)

Last summer was abnormally hot in parts of Siberia, with the air temperature reaching 35 °C. This heat impacted on the depth of seasonal thawing.

This is not looking promising. Act now!
We at EKOenergy are always looking to grow our network. If you want more information about becoming a partner of ours, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 
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