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Edition 82  -  10 April 2017
1.   Concrete results!
2.   EKOenergy informs about Scope 2 accounting
3.   The sustainable taste of wine
4.   China here we come!
5.   In Bloomberg and other media
6.   EKOenergy from Turkey
7.   Renewable electricity in Africa could outstrip demand in 2030

1.    Concrete results!

We published a booklet highlighting four of the projects we financed last year through our Climate Fund. "Climate Projects 2016 - Funded by EKOenergy Users". It tells about solar energy projects in Togo, Tanzania, Cameroon and Peru. In the mean time, the implementation of nine more projects has started, a nice and direct result of the growing number of EKOenergy users.

The Environmental Fund is growing too. In the past few weeks, a jury of experts has helped us select four river restoration projects. The selected projects include activities to rescue the freshwater pearl mussel of the river Mustionjoki and activities to restore river habitats in the river Merikarvianjoki, both in Finland. The list has now been submitted to EKOenergy's Board for final approval. We will keep you informed.

2.    EKOenergy informs about Scope 2 accounting

Two years ago, the WRI and the WBCSD published the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 2 Guidance, describing how to account for the emissions from purchased electricity and heat.

EKOenergy actively informs large, medium-sized and small companies about how to implement the guidance, and about how to switch to 100% renewable electricity.

Last week, we talked about the topic on CDP's Nordic Spring Workshops in Helsinki and Stockholm.

To all companies willing to do more, we remind that the Scope 2 Guidance mentions EKOenergy and EKOenergy's Climate Fund as useful instruments.

For more information, see also our summaries of the Scope 2 Guidance (available in 17 languages) or contact us with your questions.

"With an EKOenergy contract, you support the transition towards 100% renewable energy, locally and internationally."

Steven Vanholme, EKOenergy, on the blog of Nordic Green Energy

3.    The sustainable taste of wine

We told in earlier newsletters about our sustainable beer campaign and about breweries switching to EKOenergy.

Now our Italian licensed seller has started a campaign to invite wine companies to switch to EKOenergy. "The sustainable taste of wine".

Also worth mentioning that Anheuser-Busch, the largest brewery in the world, has now committed to 100% renewable electricity. The company will be the largest corporate direct purchaser of renewable electricity in the global consumer goods sector.

This trend is unstoppable and we invite all to join. Help the food industry to switch to 100% renewable energy, and even better, to 100% EKOenergy.

4.    EKOenergy for China

EKOenergy has been selected for participation in the EU-China NGO Twinning Exchange program.

This allows us to start an intense cooperation with Chongqing Renewable Energy Society. In June and July, our Chinese colleagues will visit us, in September and October, we will be in China.

Our objective is of course to develop our activities in China. Last 2 years, we have certified a handful of renewable energy deals in China. But we think much more needs to be done and can be done.

Do you want to help us bring EKOenergy to China? Feel free to contact us with your questions and suggestions.
"The 'Save Our Winters'  campaign of EKOenergy, Protect Our Winters and Porvoon Energia is a good and successful example of  cooperation between environmental organisations and an energy company.”

Leo Stranius, at "Peilin paikka", the Finnish energy sector's conference on communication.

5.    In Bloomberg and other media

Media from various countries are showing interest in EKOenergy.

The paper version of the Turkish edition of Bloomberg published an article about the "Save Our Winters" campaign and about the growing importance of renewable energy (and EKOenergy) in Finland. 

The Russian CSR Journal published an article on the use of renewable energy by breweries and writes about three breweries that recently switched to EKOenergy in Finland, Italy and Spain.

Two of our German supporters have been interviewed by Radio F.R.E.I. The interview about EKOenergy and about our ambition in Germany and other countries was broadcasted last Friday.

6.   Growing availability of EKOenergy-certified wind energy

A growing number of sellers and consumers are getting interested in EKOenergy. To cope with the growing demand, we have added many new power plants to our map of eligible power plants.

Most of the newly added capacity is wind. We added wind farms from China, the Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden and Turkey. EKOenergy eligible wind is now also available from Poland and the UK. 

Wind farms on the EKOenergy map are located outside protected areas (such as nature areas, Natura 2000 areas and Important Bird Areas).

7.   Renewable electricity in Africa could outstrip demand in 2030

Promoting renewable energy in Africa is the right way to go forward. This is once more confirmed by new research.

A paper, published in the journal "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences", is the first to comprehensively map the potential for new wind and solar plants in 21 African countries.

The conclusions are hopeful: Africa has huge untapped resources for renewable energy, with the potential for electricity generated from wind and solar to surpass total projected demand in 2030.

Well-chosen sites together with interconnectors that allow resources to be shared between countries suggest Africa’s rapidly growing electricity demand could be met with renewable sources at a similar cost to conventional fossil fuel generation, say the authors.

Let us all work hard to make sure that this does not remain a theory. Renewable electricity deployment is gaining momentum in Africa and 15 African participant countries in the Climate Vulnerable Forum pledged in 2016 to move to 100% renewables “as rapidly as possible”.

Text: facts and many of the sentences copied from CarbonBrief
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