EKOenergy Newsletter, issue 35
  9 September 2014

1.  First EKOenergy supplier in Italy
2.  Famous actor promotes Fish Passage Electricity
3.  Ten months for EKOénergie
4.  EKO-Sofia; An Introduction to Green Energy
5.  Every day is Climate Action Day
6.  Two degrees? Four degrees!

1.  First EKOenergy supplier in Italy

Last week, the Italian electricity supplier Multiutility S.p.A. signed the EKOenergy Licence agreement. This means that EKOenergy is now also for sale in Italy.

Since its start in 2001, Multiutility has been a frontrunner in the production and promotion of renewable electricity. Their expertise and enthusiasm will be of big help to get EKOenergy established in Italy.

That Multiutility has started to sell EKOenergy is not only great news for the Italian electricity consumers. It is also a nice ‘reward’ for the work of Fabiola Nardò, who volunteered at the EKOenergy Secretariat in Helsinki from November 2013 to August 2014, as well as for the hard work of our Italian partner REEF. We are now ready for the next step: our new Italian volunteer, Giulia Francisconi, will focus on the marketing of EKOenergy in Italy. Looking forward to seeing a lot of happy Italian EKOenergy consumers.

2.  Famous actor promotes Fish Passage Electricity

Jasper Pääkkönen isn't only one of the most popular film actors in Finland, he is also a flyfisher and critical towards hydropower. As a celebrity, he has fuelled the public debate about (the lack of) sustainability in the hydropower sector.

About one year ago, Jasper and EKOenergy met, and since then we have been cooperating.

"I see EKOenergy as a huge possibility for consumers to vote with their wallets by making sustainable decisions in their electricity purchases. I truly believe that EKOenergy can make a difference especially when it comes to the sustainability and ecological aspects of hydropower."

Jasper is also one of the driving forces behind Project Fishrun, a company organizing campaigns around endangered fish stocks and water systems. EKOenergy and Project Fishrun have together created the Fish Pass Electricity product, which is a tool for electricity consumers to contribute to the construction of fish passes.

"We are looking for consumers willing to pay a small extra fee in their electricity bill. This extra money would allow us to fund a fish ladder on one of the most important trout and salmon rivers in southern Finland. This is a form of crowdfunding where consumers contribute to real change."

Picture: ©ArtmanProd

3.  Ten months for EKOénergie

Esther Bailleul from France joined the EKOenergy Secretariat last week. She takes over from Marie Girier and will stay until next summer.

Esther has just graduated in sustainable development policies. At EKOenergy, she'll be in charge of promoting EKOénergie in France and surrounding French speaking areas.

"I wanted to do something concrete concerning climate change and nature protection. In Europe but also in my own country, where there is room for improvement. The EKOenergy project is ambitious and successful, thanks to everybody's motivation. So I'm glad to be part of such a project."

Welcome Esther!

4.  EKO-Sofia, An Introduction to Green Energy

The omnipotent Fossilia wants to build a new coal power plant on Barton Fields. But they are not the only ones interested in the area: SunBeam proposes to build a wind farm on it. The SunBeam proposal gets unexpected help when Sofia and her friends start a campaign to promote renewable energy.

Soon, Sofia discovers that this isn't only an issue for politicians. On the liberalized market, consumers can choose which company they support and what electricity they buy. Once she realizes this, it doesn't last long before she starts a "Switch to EKOenergy campaign".

How will the townspeople respond? And what will be the outcome of the campaign? Read all this in our comic "EKO-Sofia, an introduction to green energy", downloadable from our website in less than 2 weeks.

5.  Every day is Climate Action Day

On the eve of the Climate Summit in New York (23 September), the worldwide network organises hundreds of climate actions all over the world. Check out which activities are scheduled in your area and show the climate negotiators that "we want action, not words; we want a world safe from the ravages of climate change."

It is also a good moment to bring in mind that the most impressive climate action is likely the one which is every day and silently taking place in the houses and minds of millions of people. As we write in our latest blogpost, "the number of people installing solar panels is growing much faster than predicted. More and more people are consciously and proudly not owning a car. Second hand stuff and local food is no longer something for the poor. Yes, the group of frontrunners is still a minority – but it is a fast growing minority. They won’t remain unnoticed by politicians who want to win elections in the coming years. Nor by businesses who want to sell their products in the 2020s and 2030s."

6.  Two degrees? Four degrees!

The only climate related issue world leaders have agreed on in the last decade, is the fact that climate change should be limited to 2 degrees maximum, in order to avoid catastrophical consequences. Recent research shows we are well on the way to have a 4 degrees increase by the end of the century (and it won't stop there).

"Globally, annual reductions need to be five times current levels, averaging 6.2% a year, every year from now to 2100, compared with 1.2% today."

"The world is currently on track to burn this century’s IPCC carbon budget within 20 years, and a pathway to 4
°C of global warming by 2100. For many of us, 2034 is within our working lifetime. It’s within the timeframe of decisions being made today, on long-term investments, on the location of factories and their supply chains. So businesses are making those decisions faced with uncertainty about climate policy and potential impacts of climate change."

Source and quotes: The Guardian, online version, 8 September.
Picture: Tomas Castelazo
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