EKOenergy Newsletter, Issue 60
     2 March 2016

1.  EKOenergy for green buildings
2.  EKOenergy in CDP guidelines
3.  Sterling Planet joins strengths with EKOenergy
4.  EKOenergy for Latin America
5.  First Spanish hotel using EKOenergy
6.  Aleksandra Blinnikka stars in our newest video
7.  Stop complaining; EKOenergy is fun

1.  EKOenergy for green buildings

LEED is an international ecolabel for buildings. The European versions of the LEED Standard explicitly recommend the use of EKOenergy labelled electricity.

This week we have launched a campaign to invite more operators and owners of large green buildings to join us in the promotion of a 100% renewable society. Buying green electricity is easy, but together we can make it even easier.

For more information, read also our blog post: Green energy for green buildings or watch our youtube video: EKOenergy for LEED (English Summary).

2.  EKOenergy in CDP guidelines

CDP works with 3000 of the world's largest corporations to help them calculate their carbon emissions and to help them develop effective carbon emission reduction strategies.

In their recently published technical notes for accounting of scope 2 emissions (i.e. emissions related to the production of purchased electricity), CDP explains how companies can do more:

“Ecolabels are a way for companies to do more with their purchases. EKOenergy is such an option: it is a mark of quality which comes on top of tracking certificates. Electricity sold with the EKOenergy label fulfils strict environmental criteria and raises funds for new renewable energy projects. Involvement, transparency and ‘deeds not words’ are important principles of EKOenergy’s work.”

We are looking forward to fruitful cooperation with many more companies willing to go further in their environmental policies. 

3.  Sterling Planet and EKOenergy join strengths

Sterling Planet, a US based company, is our newest licensee.

With the rising demand for renewable energy, Sterling Planet and EKOenergy want to help consumers meet their sustainability goals on a global basis. Sterling Planet’s vast understanding of the solutions needed for businesses to succeed in a low carbon economy is complemented with EKOenergy’s profound knowledge of the local electricity markets in many countries.  Together they will encourage even more consumers to join the movement toward a renewable planet.

We are looking forward to this joint adventure!

4.  EKOenergy for Latin America

EKOenergy is increasing its global reach. We are currently looking for EKOenergy eligible power plants in Latin America. Last week, we added the Mexican solar plant Aura Solar I to our list.

Aura Solar I helps to substantially reduce the consumption of fossil fuels in local  power generation. It also avoids logistical risks involved in importing and transporting fuel through environmentally sensitive areas like the Sea of Cortez, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

These first small steps on the Central American electricity market are a great result of our cooperation with South Pole Group.

5.  First Spanish hotel using EKOenergy

Capítulo Trece Boutique & Spa, located in the medieval village of Maderuelo, Segovia, is the first Spanish hotel using EKOenergy.

Capítulo Trece buys its EKOenergy labeled electricity from Gesternova, our Spanish seller.

The switch to EKOenergy fits into the hotel's environmental strategy perfectly. Other measures include the use of LED lightning and  energy efficient electrical appliances.

Go, see and enjoy!

6. Aleksandra Blinnikka stars in our newest video

In our newest video, Empowered by wind, sun and water, Aleksandra Blinnikka, European Champion in the Women´s Raceboarding Class, invites you to switch to EKOenergy. As a daily user of wind and water energy, she perfectly understands the huge potential and power of renewable energy.

For your information: another new video on our Youtube channel is a short spanish trailer of our EKOenergy for course "EKOenergy for LEED and carbon accounting".

7.   Stop complaining, EKOenergy is fun

The movement for a 100% renewable world is becoming diverse. Multinationals switching to renewable energy, students campaigning for divestment, religious leaders praying for more respect for the planet, IKEA selling solar panels and batteries….

EKOenergy is proud of being part of this movement for positive energy. We aren’t interested in comparing different solutions and approaches. We don’t want to compete with other initiatives either. To the contrary: we are actively joining strengths with other campaigns and organisations, such as the Global 100% RE, IRENA’s Coalition for Action, the World Bank’s Connect4Climate and many more.  We want to help provide renewable energy to everybody.

The positive approach helps to bring more people and organisations into the movement. 100.000 consumers from 10 countries have already made the switch to EKOenergy. We are sure that their example will inspire millions of others. All this helps us to spread our message for a 100% renewable and sustainable word.

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