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The lotus's petals open one by one.

Are you getting it?

You're the lotus. We're still in the mud, but that doesn't mean life can't be just as beautiful as it was when we were in the 'normal.' We all have something to be grateful for, and to work toward. So enjoy that lotus blooming, whatever it may be for you.

This newsletter looks a bit different, because after my year of launching and running The Content Doctor, I've realized there is more I can be offering you here. Yes, I've always got personal sh*t to share, but as a shaman told me back in 2018, my essence is teacher. And in our meme-filled, InstaReel scrolling world, I could always be teaching more.

I'm thinking of increasing the frequency of this newsletter to 4x/year, with more fun content and writing-related tips that could be useful to both businesses and individuals. I plan on re-working my opt-in offer to "The 5 types of writers" which I'll also offer to you next time. This is your newsletter, so let me know if there's anything specific you want to see!

Content/writing tip

A lot of my clients are great writers—they just don't know it. If you're a better speaker or you do your own content but don't know if you have a lot of spelling or grammar errors, the ProWritingAid app can help you with that! This is the app I use as my virtual "proofreader" and it integrates into both Microsoft Word and Google Docs. It underlines all possible errors and suggests alternatives that you can replace with ONE CLICK.

And, if you don't trust an app and still want another set of eyes on your content before you hit publish, you know who to call!

Life tip

My 2020 client Dr. Sukhi gave me an a-ha moment in fall last year when he elaborated on the half of the Law of Attraction that no one talks about: emotional energy!
Everyone knows how the law works is you visualize what you want (like putting out a radio signal into the quantum field), but it won't come back to you UNTIL you're vibrating at the same frequency as you would if you already had or experienced what you want (like a radio receiver). That means you have to FEEL as good as you would experiencing your vision, NOW. That's why all these gurus always talk about the importance of being happy in the present moment!

When I started my new biz in 2020, I was doing this without knowing. Next thing you know, I made more revenue in a pandemic year than I ever did annually in past jobs or my previous business. I paid off $10k in debt, am saving up to get my front lawn landscaped, and am happier (and wiser) than ever. My mind was blown when I heard Dr. Sukhi repeat what I had experienced. Remember, don't just visualize, you have to FEEL tooHave fun feeling the good feels!

Got non-profit, legal, policy, or risk management skills? The Vancouver Mural Festival needs you!

I've been blessed to serve on the Vancouver Mural Festival Board of Directors since 2018 and we're looking for two more board members to join in late spring to add to our stellar team. If you're an expert in non-profit strategy, law, policy creation, or risk management, click below for the position info and let 'em know you heard about the role from me!

They're also producing VMF Winter ARts, an augmented reality series transforming public space across Vancouver into an interactive, open-air gallery featuring AR art to safely engage, connect and inspire. VMF Winter Arts runs from February 12-28. Check it out if you're in Van!

What The Content Doctor did for companies late 2020/early 2021

Yes, this is a brag list, but maybe it'll get your gears going on what type of free sh*t I could be offering you in the next newsletter!
I also published my first piece for B the Change Media, on Why Becoming a Vegan Business Can Multiply the Positive Impact. If you're at all into social change, sustainability, impact businesses, or B Corp, please read and share—this is the single most important article I think I've written in my career. (Thanks in advance!)

Media interviews

I did two interviews on the Publishing for Profit podcast with Joel Mark Harris, and Animal Voices on Vancouver Co-op Radio. Check 'em out below!

Top blogs on

Sh*t I sell

You've seen my PR Guide and journals, so here's some new stuff I'm peddling:
  • Ghostwriting, editing, and book formatting services for authors
  • Cut the Crap monthly package
  • Content Capsule monthly package
  • 80/20 Plants app (affiliate)
  • Be Your Own PR Star in 90 Days online course (permanently 80% off)
Hit reply or DM me on social media if I can help you with anything. I'm grateful for you!

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