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Happy fall! Today is one of my bestie's birthdays, Romeo Reyes of Zen Tattoo, so I'm gonna take this opportunity to show off the tattoos he did for me in 2020 and this year. Happy birthday, Romeo!

Photo: Tosha Lobsinger

The rose is the official flower of Vancouver, and the sampaguita (also called Arabian Jasmine) in white is the official flower of the Philippines. 

I got new headshots done this summer by the fab Tosha Lobsinger, who is vegan. So if you don't have a professional headshot or haven't updated it in the last five years, this is your reminder!

Content tip

In addition to updating your photos, if you run a business or have a position in which people will be looking at your LinkedIn profile, it's time to spruce that up.

Making sure your work history is updated and having a good summary will ensure the most aligned professionals will find your profile. LinkedIn now has a field for pronouns (mine are she/her), so use that—and here's a pro tip: You can record a 30-second intro video on your mobile that will appear ONLY when people hover over your photo.

Check out my profile to see my profile video and get some summary ideas. PS: Your summary should be written in the first person. Leave the third person bios for your website!

Life tip: Take responsibility for how you treat people.

My father turned 74 last September, on the very day the COVID-19 vaccine passport was implemented in BC.
He lives in a long-term care home now so it's difficult for him to go out, but I visit him each week because he's walking distance away.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of the passport. I went the long way around and registered for a BC Services Card through an app on my smartphone only to arrive at the same website I could have visited in the first place to input my information and arrive at the screen to save as the "passport." Our provincial health officials aren't perfect, but I believe they have our safety and well-being in mind.

Some unvaccinated people have been outraged at the passport because they cannot dine-in at restaurants, go to events, or access certain facilities, and it's absolutely fine to be angry. Where I think people crossed a line is when they went to hospitals to protest (resulting in traffic jams that slowed emergency paramedic vehicles accessing the hospital). Recently some have taken to social media to report "strange behaviour" of vaccinated loved ones.

I know we're still in a tumultuous time in human history, and people have the right to be angry. But I think that anger can be redirected positively. Instead of calling out your loved ones for changing their behaviour, be a better person and ask if they can use your help. You can protest in front of government or health buildings, or contact officials to express your concerns.

Our provincial passport is meant to be temporary. You can spend more time with loved ones (indoors or outdoors, if weather permits), host your own small gatherings safely, support local restaurants by ordering delivery, and take more time to care for yourself. There are so many more things people could be doing than complaining and taking out anger on others.

There are also still many places around the world who don't have vaccine access and haven't been able to control the spread of COVID-19. So long as you have your health, a home, and the ability to put food on your plate, there's so much you can be thankful for. (Happy Thanksgiving, Americans.)

Be kind. It goes a long way, and it comes back around. I promise.
Stuff my clients are doing

Social entrepreneur of over 25 years, Madeleine Shaw, launched her first book, The Greater Good, earlier this month and gave me a signed copy. I'd just finished a course on indexing (along with practicing on real manuscripts) so I was stoked to find out I was in the cool!
If natural health and plant medicine is your jam, follow PanGenomic, a digital health platform that's developing an app to help people self-assess their mental health and access natural treatments. I'm excited to be helping them out with editing.

I started doing some blog writing for vegan ecommerce site, Vejii, at the start of 2021 and am excited to be doing weekly blogs going forward. They now have over 3000 items and ship nationwide across North America. You can check out my blogs on seaweed for kids and how to know whether your beauty or personal products are really vegan.
Know a Canadian who's vegan and wants to network?

In June, I became the co-host of VEG Networking Canada, a group of almost three dozen professionals + entrepreneurs who are vegan and meet on Zoom. I joined the group at the start of 2021 and took over as co-host when the founder stepped down. We've interviewed cool guests like Lezlie Karls at Mid-Day Squares, Kory Zelickson at Vejii, and Karen McAthy of Blue Heron Creamery, so if you or someone you know would like to join us, please reply to this email.

Top blogs in Q3

Services & products

Hit reply or DM me on social media if I can help you with anything. I'm grateful for you!

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