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If you feel like Mercury Retrograde might be a thing that just lasts forever, I hear you.

Shortly after my last newsletter went out, my husband and I got a respiratory virus, and then COVID-19 (yes, Candyman finally hit me!). I wouldn't complain if it hadn't lasted over a month (I missed a best friends' wedding) and prevented me from exercising as I normally do.

I feel like many are in the same boat, whether it's getting sick or hit by inflation. Many of my clients have taken a break or are delaying in payments, and industries are experiencing massive layoffs. I don't have many words of consolation for you if you're experiencing pain of some kind, but what I do know is that humans are built for this.

Two books I read in the last few years summed this up with a few words:

"We can do hard things." —Glennon Doyle, Untamed
"Sometimes you just do things." —Scott Jurek, Eat & Run

I wonder to myself whether this was the best year to invest in self-publishing my second book (and we're talking $10k in programs/services I can't refund), but it's too late—and impossible—to go back in time. So onwards I go.

Heads up: I'll be sending more frequent newsletters leading up to the launch of my second book, and it may look a lot different from this format. You can always unsubscribe or let me know what you do/don't like with the new format.

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Content tip for businesses

Even if you must take a break, don't stop completely.

As you'll read in my upcoming book, a successful marketing strategy requires a multi-pronged approach. An SEO-optimized website, blogs, emails, active social media platforms, media or influencers touting your product/service, and more, if you rely on face-to-face interaction.

You won't survive solely on social media. That's why I'm advising both clients and anyone who runs a business NOT to ever stop marketing, because when you stop marketing, you stop your business. Even if you're taking a break from social media, invest time (or pay someone) to bulk up your blog. Put out more newsletters if you can. Or take a break from newsletters and try a new social media platform or feature. Just don't stop. Please!

Life tip: When sh*t hits the fan, double down on your wellness practices and prioritize REST.

I feel like I've said this before, and it's always true. After my month with viruses, I felt like I needed to exorcise a negative force out of me, and it felt like breathwork—not therapy—was the way to go. So I searched on YouTube and found this video, which I've already used more than once.

My personal wellness practices include meditation, yoga, running, journalling, reading, an aromatherapy diffuser, playing music, and listening to inspiring podcasts. Less frequently, I pull out the incense, candles, crystals, and go to therapy or a massage. Spending time in nature's great too.

I found this episode of the Filipina on the Rise podcast really powerful and a reminder that prioritizing rest over hustle is an act of decolonization.

You do you. Let me know if you've found a new modality that's helped you get through tough times.
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If you're an aspiring self-publishing author, I highly recommend The Vegan Publisher Mitali Deypurkaystha's The Expert program, which I took in 2021 to help me publish my upcoming nonfiction book. The program includes access to her Slack community and 1:1 Ask-her-anything Zoom calls if you need them.

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