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I don't have any epiphanic news to announce right off the bat, but I know spring is in the air and people seem to be excited about at least one of these two things: Cherry blossoms, or getting the vaccine. These are still unprecedented times!

As promised, here's the link to my new opt-in guide, The 5 Types of Writers. I hope you enjoy it, and if you know someone who could use it, tell them to opt-in to my newsletter on my site at

This is your newsletter, so let me know if there's anything specific you want to see in July!

Content/writing tip

In February, I'd posted the last of 24 photos of myself that were taken professionally back in 2016. In thinking about what else I could use for background images rather than stock photos, I came up with a creative way to continue using my photos—cropping and zooming in! So long as your photos are high resolution and more creative than the standard headshot, they can go further in your content if you crop them or zoom into the photo and only use a slice of it. (I plan to get new photos done in summer to last me the next five years!)

Look out for next Monday's blog when I'll be sharing more tips on how cruelty-free businesses can get more content in less work.

Life tip

This is not so much a tip as a life experience share. In the last few months I've gone from "I want to make six figures this year!" to "as long as I feel good, I'm good."
There came a point around March in which I could either have a full plate of work, or turn down projects that didn't pay as much to try and "hunt" for clients that could pay more. What I've learned in my 13 years in freelancing/business is that the hunt method almost never works short-term, so I chose to accept my full plate of work and just feel good about it.

What I found was that some days were not as busy as I'd expected, and free time started to open up which allowed me to catch up on to-dos, do volunteer work, or just relax. I realized that I'd made the better decision because feeling good should always trump what you earn. I will still be taking on new clients, but they will have to pay for more work in order for me to turn away one of my smaller clients. Bottom line is, it's a privilege to be able to choose my work, and I'm always grateful for that freedom of choice.

(And yes, there is really a Dude Chilling Park in Vancouver.)

Media interviews

I was interviewed on the Plant Based Eating for Health podcast by fellow Vegan Women Leadership Network member Kathleen Gage, and for the Be Your Own Boss Summit in late March, produced by King Lau (access to the video replays requires payment). Check 'em out below!

Top blogs in Q1

One other cool thing I want to share is that there isn't a directory of vegan book editors, so as a result of creating one, I realized I might just be the only vegan book editor in the world who's a woman of colour!

Never underestimate who you are and what makes you unique because you can capitalize on that!

Services & products

Hit reply or DM me on social media if I can help you with anything. I'm grateful for you!

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