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What would have been my first coffee meeting in over two years was a complete fail a few weeks ago.

I was already downtown and early for the date, so I texted to see if the person wanted to meet earlier. The person had a family emergency and was out of town, and failed to cancel the date with me, but apologized that we couldn't meet.

So I took the opportunity to eat vegan ice cream at a place I've always want to go downtown that didn't used to have vegan options. I also went book hunting at the new Indigo location and checked out Alicia Keys's product line, Keys Soulcare, at SEPHORA.

The next coffee date I had after that was much more productive and resulted in the start of a new work project.

Some people may not be ready for coffee dates yet, and that's totally okay. I've been working from home since 2008 before "remote working" was called that.

I'm still WAY more productive working in my home office, where my commute is as long as it takes to get on a Zoom call.

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Content tip for businesses

Just a few months ago, I said it was all about Instagram Reels and TikTok, but I had a revelation when I looked at the sources of my income in 2021, and saw that none of my clients came from Instagram.

My followers have grown, but that doesn't necessarily mean my revenue has because of it. 

So I decided to put more effort where I wanted to: Twitter and LinkedIn.

Coincidentally, Twitter's gotten more media attention from Elon Musk's acquisition.

My tip is to be where your revenue is. It might take a while to find out where that is, so if you need time to measure, post everywhere for 1-3 months, and then stick with what works.

Life tip: Do things you don't normally do.

Maybe it's because I turned 40 this month or that we're now free to not wear masks or be vaccinated in public areas and events, but I've been feeling like energy shifts are a must.

One of my close friends recently gave birth and normally I don't gravitate to children other than my nieces, but I decided to live the #AuntieLife when there was an opportunity to visit her and get some baby cuddles.

Instead of heading home after my failed coffee date, I decided to take some time to hang out downtown and do things I always wanted to in that area.

Maybe you don't have as much freedom as we do here in BC, but when the seasons shift it's always a good time to shift your routine and do things you don't normally do. Stay in the flow and let it take you in new places.
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