eNewsletter # 1, November 2012
Welcome to the first C-Res newsletter.....
C-Res Team (Left to Right): Tracey Cuttriss-Smith (Community Development Supervisor), Debbie Porter (Purchasing Supervisor), Lea Waters-Marsh (Purchasing Officer), Narelle Pearse (Managing Director)

It is with much excitement that the team at C-Res put together their very first eNewsletter highlighting the achievements of the BMA Local Buying Program over the first four months of operation.

Building on an existing partnership between BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) and Mackay Whitsunday Isaac Regional Economic Development Corporation (REDC), C-Res (Community Resourcing for the Future), was established as a non profit entity, to independently deliver the Local Buying Program on BMA's behalf to ensure, the successful and transparent delivery of the program.

Since the launch in early June, C-Res together with BMA, have delivered two rounds of Community Information Sessions in Blackwater, Dysart, Emerald and Moranbah as well as delivering presentations to BMA employees at sites across the Bowen Basin.  While the process of promoting the program to businesses in the four communities and presenting to BMA employees is still ongoing, the progress to date has seen significant benefits to individual businesses, communities and BMA.

It is with much anticipation that C-Res continues the campaign to link BMA with local businesses, providing economic benefit to the townships of Blackwater, Dysart, Emerald and Moranbah and assisting to build local business capacity and capability.

Narelle Pearse
Managing Director,  C-Res

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This Issue 
  • Program Outcomes after four months
  • C-Res Approved Supplier Profiles
  • BMA User Profile
  • BMA Site BLBP
  • Presentations
  • C-Res Website - changes & updates
  • C-Res Supplier Registration Requirements
  • Important Notice to Suppliers regarding PO's
  • Community Foundation
13 Nov
Building an Effective Capability Statement Workshop
9am, Black Nugget Hotel, Moranbah

7 Dec
Building an Effective Capability Statement Workshop
8.30am, Emerald
Program outcomes after first four months
The program opened to business registrations after the official launch on 5th June 2012.  C-Res now has 203 approved businesses in the online supplier directory and 185 BMA employees registered as users.  A total of 149 Work Instructions have been distributed to suppliers across the four communities who have access to the program. The program continues to grow with local businesses registering daily and the number of Work Instructions doubling over the last two months, including a significant increase in the number of Request For Quote Work Instructions being sent to suppliers who are registered in the relevant supply category.

While the program is still in its infancy, C-Res continues to seek feedback on improvements that can be made to the Program and the website to increase opportunities for local businesses to engage with BMA.  It is anticipated as the Program evolves, more opportunities will become available to both BMA and local suppliers.
C-Res Approved Supplier Profiles
Each newsletter will be profiling C-Res approved suppliers who are finding success through the BMA Local Buying Program.  This edition will be profiling:  Newnham Constructions, an Emerald based business and Blue Heeler Graphics, a business based in Blackwater. 
Rafeala Newnham looks at plans of the patio designed and built for BMA Saraji Mine.

"If it's worth doing, it's worth doing properly" is the motto and the basis of Newnham Constructions business philosophy.  With over 40 years experience in the residential and commercial construction industry, Newnham Construction prides itself on being a family-run, family-owned Australian company located in Emerald.

Newnham Constructions first saw an advertisement about the BMA Local Buying Program in the local Central Qld News and decided to visit the website and then register for the program.  They were interested in being involved in the local community and also contribute towards the mining sector around Emerald expanding their work opportunities.

Since their registration, they have been successful in winning a Request For Quote to design and build a patio structure at BMA Saraji Mine.  They found the process of submitting a quote based on the Work Instruction they received very easy and C-Res was only a phone call away if further clarification was needed.  After the work was completed, they were able to claim directly through the website and payment was received within eight (8) days from approval of claim.  This experience has increased their confidence in working with BMA through C-Res, and Newnham Construction looks forward to gaining more opportunities to quote for work as the program gains momentum across the Bowen Basin.

Sherelle and Craig Garratt display some of their signs at Blue Heeler Graphics.

Blue Heeler Graphics is a family owned company operating in Blackwater since 2007. They specialise in signage, embroidery, as well as high visibility and reflective materials. Craig Garratt (owner/operator) of Blue Heeler Graphics first saw an advertisement for the Local Buying Program in the Blackwater Herald and thought this was a great opportunity for his business to engage directly with BMA rather than through third parties. 

Since Blue Heeler Graphics registered their business in early July, they have received consistent work instructions through C-Res either sole sourced directly or being successful in Request For Quotes. They have been able to supply their goods and services competitively to sites across the Bowen Basin and are now looking at ways to further diversify their business to meet the changing needs of BMA and align with their cost effective practices. Blue Heelers is an innovative business willing to 'think outside the square' to ensure work opportunities remain local and competitive and enhance business opportunities and employment growth in the community of Blackwater.
BMA User Profile
Tracey Cuttriss-Smith and Peter Fuller at BMA Blackwater Mine
BMA Blackwater Mine's Peter Fuller (Project Manager) and Matt Knowles (Civil Engineer) were the first on board to successfully create a Work Instruction in the local buying program.  WI000001 was for a gravel order, worth a significant amount, needed to complete a critical road upgrade at Blackwater Mine. This project has been ongoing now for four months with the local supplier able to do partial claims through our website and receiving regular payments.
BMA sites across the Bowen Basin participate in BLBP presentations
BMA Peak Downs Mine - BMA Local Buying Program Education Session.
Left to Right:  Shaun Hansen, Tracey Cuttriss-Smith, Brett O'Kane, Brodie Hanton.

Over a period of two weeks in October, presentations on the Program were delivered across BMA sites from Blackwater to Moranbah by Brodie Hanton (BMA Local Buying Program Specialist).  These sessions were targeted at BMA employees who might have upcoming opportunities to engage local businesses in either their day-to-day activities or upcoming projects.  The sessions were well received at participating sites with an increase in BMA registrations and Work Instructions.

During the two weeks, business visits were also held across the communities of Blackwater, Dysart, Emerald and Moranbah to gain feedback on their experiences and seek any information on ways to improve the website or engaging with BMA.
C-Res Website - Changes and Updates
The following improvements have recently been made to the C-Res website based on feedback from businesses and BMA users.  All suppliers are encouraged to regularly check their details in their C-Res workspace and notify C-Res if any changes need to be made.
  • Goods and Services Categories:  There have been some new additions to these categories as well as changes to some existing categories based on the supply demands of BMA and changes to existing BMA procurement policies.  All approved suppliers can now alter their Goods and Services in their workspace by selecting the "Goods & Services" tab, making changes and clicking the Save button at the bottom.
  • Supporting Information:  All approved businesses have the option of uploading additional information on their business in their workspace.  Some examples of additional information could be:  Capability Statements; Flyers; Menus (catering businesses); Brochures.
  • BMA Freight Requirements:  All suppliers who are transporting goods to BMA sites must abide by BMA freight policies and procedures.  When responding to a Work Instruction requiring the delivery of goods, please note that the preferred freight carrier for C-Res and all BLBP transactions is NQX.  Contact C-Res if further information is required.

C-Res welcomes feedback on the website so continuous improvement is possible meeting the needs of suppliers and BMA.
C-Res Supplier Registration Requirements
It is the responsibility of all businesses registered with C-Res utilising the BMA Local Buying Program to provide current copies of all insurances and lease agreements on expiry of previous documentation submitted.  If mandatory registration requirements lapses, then businesses run the risk of having their registration disabled.

If your insurances / leases have expired and you have received updated copies, please email these to
  • Workers Compensation - if you haven't already supplied, please provide an updated copy with expiry June 2013
  • Any Public Liability or other insurances
  • Lease Agreements - if it was part of your acceptance of registration to supply a lease agreement as proof of trading address in one of the four communities and this has expired or due to expire, a new copy needs to be provided.

Supplier registration audits are conducted at regular intervals and it is important that all supplier documentation is current.
Important Notice to Suppliers - Purchase Orders Required Prior to Engagement
Being an approved supplier with C-Res and engaging with BMA through the Local Buying Program, it is critical that suppliers understand and adhere to certain key requirements.

BMA's internal requirements are that all requests for the supply of services and/or the provision of goods are done via an official Purchase Order (PO).  It is therefore a requirement that a PO is issued to suppliers (via email from C-Res) prior to services commencing or the goods being provided.

As the PO is the instrument that facilitates payment, without it there is no ability to make payment.  If suppliers elect to work without a PO, then there is a risk that payments will be delayed, or worse case not paid at all should there be contention as to whether the services/goods were properly authorised.

Supplier responsibilities:
  • Not to commence any services (work) unless an official PO has been received
  • Not to provide any goods unless an official PO has been received
  • Not to perform services or provide goods beyond the value of the official PO
  • To refuse when asked to engage without an official PO

C-Res will work diligently with BMA to ensure that suppliers are not placed in a position where they are required to refuse supply, however should that be required, we ask for your full cooperation as outlined.

Community Foundation
For all transactions processed through the Program, BMA operations will incur a processing fee (a percentage of the transaction value) in addition to the successful supplier quote.  This fee will cover C-Res' administered costs, and an allocation to the Community Foundation.  This ensures the sustainable future of the Foundation through the continuous injection of funds back into the region.  The Foundation's priorities include:
  1. "Building Sustainable Futures" - focusing on wider business economic and community development.  This includes business grants (new, growth, innovation), employment programs, scholarships, regional promotion and awareness.
  2. "Building Sustainable Business Communities" - focusing on local business training and development.  This includes industry training, regional economic analysis and education and skills development for business.

All Community Foundation funding submissions are assessed by the BMA Local Buying Program Advisory Committee (BAC).  The BAC is a representative body made up of key stakeholders from across the region with an interest or skills and expertise in regional economic development.  Representation includes BMA, REDC, CHRC, IRC, CHDC, and Regional Training Associations.

More information on the Community Foundation and the Expression of Interest form can be found at
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