Be sure to come by the community park this Friday or Saturday and pick up some free bags of mulch to beautify your flowerbeds. Brought to you by the Laurel Oaks Green Team
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Laurel Oaks Mulch Day

Friday April 24th & Saturday April 25th 8:00AM to 6:00PM

Black mulch will be distributed at the Laurel Oaks Park on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS! There will be no reservations or guarantees provided. Stop by with your ID or a current utility bill to serve as proof of residence & receive up to 5 bags of mulch. Se some useful tips below for how to prepare your flower beds for mulching.
Eligible Participants Must Be Current On HOA dues & in good standing.
Step One: Cut the Landscape Bed 
Without cutting a landscape bed, mulch can quickly spread into grass and look messy, or cause soil from the bed to loosen and spread. To edge your bed, use a flat edged shovel and simply cut down approximately six inches around the edge of your bed. Some landscapers prefer to use landscape edging material such metal, vinyl, or stone; just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions when installing this handy material.
Step Two: Weed, weed, weed 
Weeding might not be every landscaper’s favorite task, but it is important to weed the 
entire area you plan to mulch before mulching. Mulch stops weeds from growing by blocking sunlight to them, but mature weeds can still push through the mulch without sunlight. Make sure to clear the entire area of weeds, and watch that you pull each weed by the roots.
If you are interested in joining the green team or helping them during this event please click the button below and sign up for an available time slot. 
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Step Three: Cover and/or Spray 
To further prevent weeds, lay landscape fabric over the area you would like to mulch. Remember to cut holes for existing plants grow through. Landscape fabric is easy to use and takes just a few minutes to lay out and cut. You may also spray the area with weed control, but again, be sure to read directions carefully, and avoid contaminating your existing flowers and plants
Step Four: Determine the Amount of Mulch 
You can do the math manually (multiply the length of your bed by the width, determine how thick you want your much to be, then multiply both numbers by 0.0031) and that will be the amount of cubic yards of mulch you will need. If this seems a little complex or if math is not your thing, then use the link below to use Home Depot's handy mulch calculator.

Step Five: Know Your Mulch 
Hardwood mulches (e.g. Cedar and Cypress) are the most popular and blend easily with other materials. Hardwood mulches, however, do have to be replaced more often due to their quick decomposition. 
Bark mulches (e.g. Pine bark mulch) have many of the same qualities as hardwood mulches, but decompose less quickly. Black Bark Mulch will be supplied for MULCH DAY!
Step Six: Spread Your Mulch 
Spread the bags of mulch out over the area you wish to mulch, about every 12 square feet. Cut open the bags and spread evenly using a rake or your hands, working to maintain around a three-inch depth. If using a wheelbarrow dump the mulch into the bed. Try starting with half a barrow at a time, and remember to work to keep an even, three-inch depth. If you are mulching a very large area, start with the area furthest from your mulch pile, truck, or trailer. When you have finished mulching, recycle any bags and be sure to sweep any leftover mulch from your driveway or sidewalks, since colored mulch can leave a stain.
Step Seven: Enjoy Your Landscaping 

That’s it! You have prepped, calculated and spread your mulch evenly and your yard or property looks great. Enjoy a long season of fewer weeds and beautiful, healthy plants.

Brought to you by the Laurel Oaks Green Team
Lou Wiggins, Freddy Durr, Rufus Ceasar, Steven & Patrice Liscombe, Walter Williams, Sharon Jones, John Davidson, Montrell Guillory, Quentin Adams, or Tonia Adams.

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