Annual Homeowner Meeting!
Each year members of our association get together for this very important event to elect leadership review the associations finances, discuss security, projects and decide on how we will manage our communityA homeowners association provides a system of self-governance whereby residents elect one another to serve on the board of directors and on committees for the betterment of the community. As a home owner, you are a valued member of the Laurel Oaks Homeowners' Association and are expected to contribute your experience on the board or a committee while able.
Make Your Vote Count
The best way to make your vote and opinion heard is to attend the meeting and contribute to the conversations. If you are unable to attend, find out if your neighbor is attending and consider sending them to the meeting on your behalf. All they will need is a signed proxy to vote on your behalf. Out of town homeowners who cannot attend are encouraged to provide their tenant with a signed proxy so that they can attend, participate and vote on your behalf. Managing our community and fostering harmony between us works better when we all participate.
Accepting Board Nominations
The Association is currently accepting nominations for 3 Board of Director positions that need to be filled through elections at the upcoming 2015 Annual Homeowner Meeting. Being on the board entails attending monthly meetings, 4 or more hours of HOA related work each week and making decisions about the management of the community. Submit your nominations to
Your Rights & Responsibilities.
Beyond paying your dues your are encouraged to stay engaged, volunteer on committees or on the board, attend meetings, contribute 
ideas for making our community better, participate in discussions about how your money will be spent and stay informed about your Rights and Responsibilities.
Volunteerism In Our Community.
Laurel Oaks has a tradition of self management driven by volunteerism. The strength of our Association lies in the effective volunteer efforts of its members in day to day operations through Association Committees. Join one of the community management committees to help in the day to day operations and make a difference with your ideas and energy. Visit our website and sign up for the committee of your choice and see how you can make a difference by promoting a better quality of life within our community with your ideas and actions.
Why It's Important To Attend Annual Meeting
  • The Annual Meeting is where officers for the new year are elected. These are the folks who will shape what the community looks like over the next twelve months. Owners and residents should want to be present to make sure their voice is heard with regard to the future of the HOA’s leadership.
  • This meeting is also where the year’s budget is reviewed and approved. Any resident seeking to ensure that his or her dues are being put to good use will doubtless want to be present at this meeting!
  • Previous year’s projects are reviewed at this meeting. Planning of projects to be undertaken in the new year is also done. If you have any ideas or input this is the venue to express them.
  • Resident's suggestions and comments are reviewed and discussed at this meeting. If there is a particular maintenance or upkeep project that you wish the HOA to prioritize, this is the ideal time to show up and voice that opinion!
Update on River Laurel Transformation
The River Laurel Transformation Project is currently on hold due to a lawsuit filed against the HOA by an association member on one side and an improperly located fence on the other side. In the law suit, the association member claims ownership (by adverse possession) of the commonly owned property at the entrance of the community. Common property are all areas in our community that are jointly owned by all association members and include lots of land at each of our community entrances, the park, pool and playground areas e.t.c. The board is committed to ensuring that our association retains ownership of the common property on either side of this entrance and is working with one homeowner to relocate the fence that is currently located within the common property and presenting a strong defense against the law suit. This is certainly a difficult situation to be dealing with since we are neighbors in the same community. We are hopeful that this law suit gets settled out of court under amicable terms that allow for our association to exercise its ownership rights to improve this entrance while at the same time reasonably addressing the concerns of the association members in question. 

Throughout the process of addressing the River Laurel transformation, including before this issue went to court the Board has remained willing and open to dialogue and continues to remain open to discuss any reasonable solution that does not take away our association's right to improve and landscape the community entrance. More updates will be provided as they become available.
Pay Your Dues Online or by Mail on or before March 31st.
Save the Date!
Thursday March 27th
2015 Annual Homeowner Meeting
The strength of our Association lies in the effective volunteer efforts of its members in the day to day operations. We are very excited about our plans for 2015 and are counting on volunteer involvement to help us succeed. As a self-managed HOA your participation either on a committee or on the board is key to our success.
River Laurel Transformation
Striving For A Safe & Beautiful Community
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