UPDATE of April 1st, 2020
From the Practice of Terry Lilian Segal

4.1.2020 Update for My Clients:
 my Studio, + a fresh snack for thought!

"Succulent Sabbath"© is BAAAACK! 

Launching a Fresh New Offering, via!

Coming to your living room this Sunday, April 5th at 7:00 p.m. EST!
Separate flyer forthcoming with all details and meeting links!  
I can't wait to see you there!   xoxo!

Dear Friends!
Today, may I please share 4 quick updates from my studio?
Thank you for your generous time & loving hearts!  
Stay well,  All Love,  Terry

1) A Moment of Reflection, Realism & Hope:
A dear friend just shared the refreshing terminology of "Physical Buffering", to replace the current term "Social Distancing".  As we create mindful physical space between us so as to honor one another's health and the collective welfare, we remain just as heart-connected and engaged as ever, and perhaps now, even moreso, as we share in this common challenge.  

"Buffering" implies a softer cushioning between us that is cozy and comforting, rather than isolating and harder-edged.   I think we are all appreciating that intention.  And yet, on my daily walks, I've noticed how many folks even fear eye-contact from our safer distance, or the chance to share a smile or a warm wave as we pass each other by.   COVID-19 is not contagious through these forms of communication...and such shared human warmth and mutual understanding may even serve to strengthen our immune systems!  

We are all processing a tsunami of globally collective grief and shock in these surreal times, even if our immediate reality is gentle and safe.   We are all inextricably connected, so as we honor and heal ourselves, we are healing the world.   These times are rife with invitations for us to Evolve, Transform and Heal, on a planetary level.   This is extraordinary to contemplate, and we each have unique gifts to bring to this unprecedented opportunity.    Let us nurture Hope, Courage, Strength, Generosity and Optimism together.

2)  New Offerings from "Segalsnest"!
In the spirit of this, I am so excited to share my new offering with you:  the revival of my lovely program called "Succulent Sabbath"©, which I had offered from my home a few years ago.  Now is the perfect time to resurrect this nourishing gathering, via!
Please watch for my separate flyer offering all the details and links (also available on my website's Events page-- please scroll down to find it!) our Kick-Off gathering of this Sunday, April 5th at 7:00 p.m. EST.
Please mark your calendar, pass the word, and hop aboard with bells on!  I can't wait to see you there!

3) Regarding My Studio Hours:  
A few folks continue to call to request sessions.  I understand!  I could sure use a massage myself!  And I wish I could serve. However, Sadly, and necessarily, in the interest of everyone's health and well-being, my practice remains closed until we are completely out of these woods with COVID-19.  
Both my personal discretion, honoring social responsibility, and the governance of my license under the Ohio Medical Board, guide this action.    We'll stay tuned periodically as we all learn more down the road.  It will be a welcome joy to resume working together when the coast is clear to re-open my doors.  Then you can fling yourself upon my table with a huge sigh of relief!

4) Final Food for Thought:  More Wisdom from the Art of Zero Balancing (We love ZB!!):
Remember, in my last newsletter, that I had shared with you about the Power of "The Pause"...this suspended moment of integration and infinite potentiality between "This" and "That" that allows for us to evolve, resolve and transform...?

Welp, the component that couples with "The Pause",  from which it pivots, is referred to in ZB parlance as "The Fulcrum".  In fact, the image used in the Zero Balancing logo is meant to depict a Fulcrum:  a pivot point from which things are levered towards their more harmonious, naturally balanced state.   The Fulcrum is the unique style of touch that is the distinctive signature to Zero Balancing.  
COVID-19 is the Fulcrum of the day.  It presents us with the opportunity to find our Essential, innate Balance, Harmony and Flow that we are so dearly in need of so as to heal our ailing species and planet, and to truly Thrive.  

"This is not only survivable, it is Thrivable."

~ Marianne Williamson

“When the Ego weeps for what it has lost, the Spirit rejoices for what it has found.”
~ Eckhardt Tolle


I am unspeakably grateful for each and every one of you in my life, both personally and professionally.  May you stay well, take heart, allow for The Pause to inform and guide, and find Magic and Sacredness in every simple thing.

With my deepest heartfelt wishes for your Highest Well-Being;

Terry Lilian Segal
Meaningful Milestones Healing Arts

My Commitment To YOU ...

... as a Practitioner and Friend


Your Health & Well-Being Are My Top Priority

Your session is meant to be a time to experience a sense of Calm, Centering, Inner Peace, Balance and Restoration. An oasis from the swirling demands of the world at large.

Keeping it clean!
I strive to keep my environment as germ-free as possible by disinfecting all common surfaces after each use including the bathroom, doorknobs, chair, side table & pen, and the table linens, lotions. 


Saying Howdy-do!  To Bump..or Not to Bump?
Use a hands-over-heart greeting instead of shaking hands. Make it playful, rather than awkward.

Suds On!
Kindly wash your hands when you arrive for your session, before we settle in.  

Me sick?
If I am not feeling well,  then I would ask to reschedule your session, with my sincere apologies, as I deeply respect the impact this may have on your needs.  I so appreciate your patient understanding and flexibility.  

You sick?
If YOU are not feeling well, please let me know in a timely manner, if possible, and we can reschedule together. If YOU feel fine, but have been exposed to others who may be contagious, let's please consider rescheduling once you are past an incubation period.   I do not charge a late cancellation fee for unforeseen health emergencies.  

Please allow 14 days between your exposure to travel or crowds before coming in for your next session.   That will help to ensure that we all stay as healthy and safe as possible!
Thank you for that consideration!  

"The new norm"? 
I encourage us ALL to take extra precautions to minimize exposure – wearing exam gloves when shopping, opening doors with an antiseptic wipe in hand, wiping down public chairs and tabletops, avoid touching your face, cleanse hands frequently, cough or sneeze into a tissue, and/or wear a mask if you have a cold, allergies, etc. Coughing into your sleeve is the next best thing, however, viruses still live on fabrics...either way-- cover up!   If you travel, bring along exam gloves and wipes so that you can clean down your luggage before handling it with your bare hands.
Stay hydrated and well-rested.
Strive to get tested if you have symptoms, and choose to quarantine yourself if you become ill.

Stay Well and Thrive. Stay Positive and Flexible. Practice mindfulness, and we will get through this together in fine shape!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!  
From my heart to yours...

Terry Lilian Segal

Healing Arts Practitioner


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