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November has come to a close and with the end of the month came the first heavy rains. We are thankful for the respite from the scorching sun and heat and are hopeful that we will soon be planting maize in the staple field and see the land become green once again. 

Soil Manifesto

The UN Conference of the Parties (COP21) begins November 30 in Paris, with negotiators from 195 countries, including leaders from over 140 countries, meeting with the aim to sign the first universal and legally binding climate agreement to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius by committing to reduce emissions. While reducing emissions is crucially important, carbon must be removed from the atmosphere and we believe soil is the clear answer to do this. To this end, we are proud to be supporting the work of the Savory Institute to gain signatories to their Soil Manifesto - the goal of which is to have the biggest unified voice ever around soil. The Soil Manifesto with all the signatures, from other Hub candidates like us and established Hubs, networks, partners, and individuals will be presented to the UNCCD, and the UNFCC at COP21 to urge the leaders in the Paris negotiations to take committed action around regenerating our soils. We encourage everyone to sign the Soil Manifesto here.

Permaculture Meeting

December 11-13 Kusamala will host a gathering of permaculture practitioners from all over Malawi. The event is an opportunity for those who attended the 12th International Permaculture Convergence (IPC12) in the UK, in September, to share their experiences and for all participants to discuss the future of the permaculture movement in Malawi. Our own Pierre Moorsom and Samuel Baluti will join Chris Walker and Eston Pembamoyo in sharing insights from their time at the IPC12. Additional program topics will include planning for the IPC13 in Hyderabad in 2017, sharing challenges and experiences implementing permaculture projects in Malawi, and how to move forward as a cohesive permaculture network in Malawi. 

New Volunteers 

We are pleased to welcome two new long-term volunteers to Kusmala's team: Pirmin Stöhr and Simmone Szagun. Both are volunteers from Weltwärts, the development volunteer service of Germany. Pirmin will be staying in Lilongwe and helping the demonstration team at the centre, while Simonne will be volunteering at our project site in Chowe, in Mangochi District. Both will begin their volunteer service December 2nd and work in Malawi for 10-months. Stay tuned for blog posts about their experiences implementing permaculture projects in Malawi. 

New Consultancy Project

This month, we began working with Msalura Primary School in Salima, advising on the development of school permaculture gardens. From November 2015 to May 2016 we will be acting as the project consultant for their UNDP-funded permaculture and reforestation project. As the second year of the project unfolded, the project management committee at the school decided to bring in experts from Kusamala to advise on how best to further develop the school permaculture gardens and Village Permaculture Clubs in order to create greater crop diversity and livelihood creation for local farmers. 
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