Kusamala events and news updates for August 2014. 
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August 2014
Watch   ~   Construct   ~   Fertilise

Watch our new film! We recently introduced a new informational video created by Sabine Hellmann of Climate Futures. The video was made possible with funding from our Climate Smart Agriculture for Smallholder Farmers grant and support from our project partners: the James Hutton Institute and Climate Futures. This beautiful film  provides a powerful visual tool to share the work we are performing at the Centre and beyond. View it here:
Study with us this September! Learn about the art and science of growing fruit trees. Our 5-day fruit propagation course runs from September 22-26 and will cover topics such as seed gathering and treatment, grafting, and scion collection. For more information or to register, email:

Construction on our apprentice house facilities continues. While the dorm building was completed in January, the construction of the kitchen structure began months later. Progress has been steadily ramping up and August 1st marked the completion of the new rocket stove, with storage cabinets and a gas stove to be added in the next few weeks. This rocket stove is the second at Kusamala. Our main kitchen also uses a fuel efficient stove to cook weekday staff lunches. The award-winning design uses half the amount of wood as cooking over a traditional open fire, not only saving valuable fuel wood, but also emitting less air pollution in the form of smoke. The rocket stove burns at a higher heat for an almost complete combustion with exhaust made up of mostly water and carbon dioxide. 

Fertilise the natural way. Synthetic fertilisers kill beneficial soil micro-organisms and leech nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium into the environment. At Kusamala we use a variety of natural fertilisers, and one of the easiest to make in your own home garden is comfrey tea. Comfrey is a perennial herb that acts as a dynamic accumulator, mining minerals from the soil with its deep tap root. To make the tea, simply fill a bucket of water half full and add a handful of comfrey leaves, cover the bucket with a  lid and let sit. After 1 week, add more water to fill the bucket to the top and let sit another week. After only 2 short weeks you will have a dark brown liquid fertiliser. Dilute 5:1-10:1 with water and apply. We also sell comfrey tea and other natural fertilisers and pest repellants at the Centre and at local farmers markets.
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