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December brought rains that have greened the landscape. Our staple field is planted with maize, groundnuts, sweet potatoes, beans, and pumpkins to name just a few. While our other demonstration gardens, including the chicken yard, have been heavily planted with a variety of agroforestry trees, roselle, marigold, beans, pumpkin and more. Germination across the centre looks great, and we hope for continued steady rains in early 2016. 

Permaculture Network

Kusamala hosted a 3-day workshop called Permaculture in Malawi 2015 – IPC12 UK Review and Beyond earlier this month. The event was organized and facilitated by Chris Walker, a long-time permaculturalist in Malawi and founder of Panthunzi in Blantyre. After 20+ years of permaculture growing in Malawi, there was consensus from the group that to be stronger we needed to be united by building a formal network that built on past work and current progress. Presentations on lessons learned from past International Permaculture Conferences (IPC) and this year's UK IPC were shared, the current state of the permaculture network was examined, and an innovative structure was formed. This structure includes 6 regional hubs, a rotational secretariat, and a Board of Directors. Kusamala was nominated as the annual interim rotational secretariat and we look forward to sharing how this permaculture in Malawi journey evolves in 2016.  

Revamped Website

Keep your eyes peeled for a completely redesigned Kusamala website in 2016. After months and months of work, the new site will be launched at the end of January. The initial design was provided by our TIE  volunteer, Ben Shaffery, a creative director from Wieden+Kennedy in London, who spent a month at Kusamala and raised funds to support communications projects including the site rebuild. The new design aims to be visually cleaner and easier to navigate than the current site. We look forward to sharing it with you soon and getting your feedback!

Training Manuals 

Another project long-in-the-works that we are excited to share, is a bundle of 15 simple permaculture training manuals. Created by our volunteer, Sharon Bagatell and Luwayo Biswick, and designed by Sabine Hellmann, the manuals provide illustrated step-by-step “how to” guides for implementing a range of permaculture practices- from water and soil, to plants and appropriate technology. It is hoped that these manuals and the supporting videos will help supplement permaculture trainings and support smallholder farmers in caring for the land while growing diverse foods in Malawi. For information on purchasing the manuals, email info@kusamala.org.

Happy New Year!

From everyone at Kusamala, we want to thank you all for your continued support throughout the past year, and wish you a peaceful, joyous and abundant 2016!
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