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General Fiction

King's Crusade

A Seventeen Series Novel: An Action Adventure Thriller Book 2

Written by: A. D. Starrling
Narrated by: Michael Bower

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When a team of scientists unearth scriptures older than the Dead Sea Scrolls in a cave in the Eastern Desert Mountains in Egypt, a mystery lost to the tides of time is uncovered. Heading the expedition is Crovir noble Dimitri Reznak. But the discovery is spoiled by evidence of looting and half the priceless artifacts Reznak has been seeking for centuries have disappeared.

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Contemporary Scifi

Time Heist

Firstborn Saga Volume 1

Written by: Anthony Vicino
Narrated by: Adam Verner
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We tried to kill ourselves. We had the weapons. We had the desire. Somehow, we failed. Humanity survived. Go figure. They called it the Dissolution, but it's been a couple hundred years and if you ask around, nobody in Unity remembers what all the fuss was about. What everybody had been so willing to die for. Nobody cares.

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Orphan X

Written by: Gregg Hurwitz
Narrated by: Scott Brick

Evan Smoak is a man with skills, resources, and a personal mission to help those with nowhere else to turn. He's also a man with a dangerous past. Chosen as a child, he was raised and trained as part of the off-the-books black box Orphan program, designed to create the perfect deniable intelligence assets - i.e. assassins. He was Orphan X. Evan broke with the program, using everything he learned to disappear.

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Romantic Suspense

Fatal Affair

Fatal, Book 1

Written by: Marie Force
Narrated by: Felicity Munroe
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Washington, D.C., Metro Police Detective Sergeant Sam Holland needs a big win to salvage her career - and her confidence - after a disastrous investigation. The perfect opportunity arises when Senator John O’Connor is found brutally murdered in his bed, and Sam is assigned to the case. Matters get complicated when Sam has to team up with Nick Cappuano, O’Connor’s friend and chief of staff...and the man Sam had a memorable one-night stand with years earlier. Their sexual chemistry still sizzles, and Sam has to fight to stay focused on the case.

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Lady of Conquest

A Medieval Romance

Written by: Tamara Leigh
Narrated by: Mary Sarah Agliotta
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Two years have passed since the Battle of Hastings changed the course of a nation. As the defeated Saxons continue to chafe against the yoke of Norman rule, Rhiannyn of Etcheverry finds herself at the center of a rebellion when the conqueror she refuses to wed dies in her arms - cursing her to never know the love of a man or the blessing of children. Certain only her silence can save her people from retaliation, she holds close the dark truth about his death. But when his avenging brother saves her life, she discovers another side to the celebrated warrior of Hastings - one that will test her loyalties and beliefs....

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YA Fiction

The Carnelian Legacy

Written by: Cheryl Koevoet
Narrated by: Sarah Grace Wright

After the death of her father, 18-year-old Marisa is in search of solace when she sets out on her daily ride through the woods of Gold Hill. But when a mysterious lightning storm strikes, she is hurled into the alternate dimension of Carnelia where she is quickly discovered by the arrogant yet attractive nobleman, Darian Fiore.

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I love karaoke, studio work and traveling! Life's greatest treasures are the people you encounter along the way. My interests keep me grounded and yearning for more. As a narrator, I want to ensure my performance is not only heard but intimately experienced by each reader.

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