Newsletter no.31 from Ald Anna Reynolds - October 2018
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Dear friend,

You've probably received your ballot papers by now. Thank you if you've voted already. If they're still stashed with the other mail on the kitchen table, I'd be honoured to receive your number 1 vote for Lord Mayor and Alderman when you send it in.

And please do. To date, only about 14 percent of Hobart voters have returned their ballot papers.
Despite the hoopla of this election campaign, it should be a contest of ideas. Good progressive ideas. With people at their heart.
I am ready to be Hobart’s next Lord Mayor. I will be a positive, energetic, organised and collaborative city leader, who will lead a Council that takes care of our city and community.
Here's a quick rundown of what I offer if you elect me as your Mayor:

I will continue to be a champion for protecting what makes Hobart city special – pushing for height limits, defending our heritage buildings, setting better standards for new building design, and looking after our mountain and bushland.
I will be a listening and consultative Mayor, bringing people together to lead open discussions about better planning and the big city-shaping developments for our future - like laws and incentives to secure more affordable housing, medium-density housing instead of city car yards, a practical visitor levy to fund tourist facilities, and planning for climate change.

I will focus on Hobart as an active, walking city – fixing footpaths, building new pedestrian crossings, running a safe-routes-to-school program to get our kids walking and riding to school. Also upgrading our neighbourhood shopping streets, playgrounds and the tracks to our bushland so that we have great local places to connect with our community and to our natural environment.
As you wade through the ballot papers, I invite you to check out my policies to see for yourself.

I think they're more comprehensive than those of most candidates in this crowded field. They set out specific actions I will take if elected, and add to what Hobart City Council is already doing.
There are three ballot papers - Alderman, Deputy Lord Mayor, and Lord Mayor.

To make your vote count, be sure to fill in at least 12 boxes on the Aldermanic ballot.

You can vote for just one Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor, or more if you wish. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me directly at or 0423 222 149.

Please encourage your friends and family to vote too.

And please, vote 1 Anna Reynolds for Hobart Lord Mayor and Alderman/Councillor.
Regards, Anna

authorised by Anna Reynolds, Town Hall, Hobart
Leadership for a sustainable, caring and creative Hobart

PS. We need to stop the sell-off of our Treasury buildings. It is incredibly important that this unique asset stays in public hands and we create a new future for Hobart's heritage heart.

There's an open day on 10 and 11 November. This is your chance to see inside. In the meantime, please sign the petition.

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