Newsletter no.24 from Ald Anna Reynolds - February 2018
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Happy 2018! My best wishes to you and your family for this year.

It’s shaping up to be a busy one for me.  I’ll continue to represent you on Hobart City Council as an Alderman. However, I feel I can do even more for our city and the community – and I want you to be the first to know...

At this year's local government election in October, I’m planning to run for the position of Lord Mayor of Hobart!
So why am I running? Hobart is changing – in many ways, these changes are positive and exciting. But change also brings challenges, and many of us worry about Hobart losing its unique character due to poor planning and an unmanaged tourism boom.

The next few years will be some of the most crucial in Hobart’s history. Under the wrong leadership and with careless decisions, we could lose what we love about our city.
Hobart needs a new city leader with the courage to make bold decisions, that people can trust to champion the community’s interests. A progressive and hardworking Mayor can make a major difference to people’s lives and to Hobart’s future. I hope you will support my campaign to achieve that.
During these times of change, I want to protect and enhance what makes Hobart special – the beautiful, historic, creative, peaceful and unpretentious city we call home.
I will advocate for progressive and innovative policy ideas to make Hobart an even better place.
I want to make Council more open, accessible and accountable to the Hobart community. That means more opportunities for you to be involved in decision-making (if you want).

Please let me know your thoughts about my plans at my facebook page, or email me.
Your community matters – and so does your vote!
At the last election in 2014, only 50 percent of people who were eligible to vote for Hobart’s Mayor and Council did so. It seems that many people have lost interest in local government.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Cities around the world are leading the way on the big issues of our time, like climate change, affordable housing, public transport, and respect for diversity.

Many local governments are embracing innovative approaches to city design and management that take people, the environment and the future much more into account. 
Working with the community is important
I don’t think that any Mayor can hold all the knowledge and ideas for a city, and nor should Council try to solve all the city’s problems.

In fact, many of the best solutions for Hobart can be found within our communities. That’s you I’m talking about!  I believe in making space for communities to take action, and in getting Council to respond more positively to local initiatives.

More than ever our city needs someone who can work with the local community to protect what we love about Hobart and ensure it grows in a way that we can all be proud of. 
Open and accountable government is crucial
Accountability and transparency is essential. In the last three years, I’ve championed many reforms at Council, but there is much more to do.

I would like to hold more Council meetings in community halls across Hobart, encourage the participation of citizens in decision-making, and improve public access to Council documents.

There are also still too many decisions discussed in closed meetings, and our city planning processes need an overhaul to ensure people better understand what is going on and how they can have their say.
As your Mayor, I would continue to work hard with the community to ensure that the Council is making the very best decisions for our city’s future. But I need your help to get there, as running a successful campaign for Mayor is a big job! 
I would love your support for my campaign for Mayor. Please let me know how you can help by clicking HERE
In other Council news...

Hobart invests in the climate

At our last meeting in 2017, Council passed a new policy that commits to investing 100 percent of our city's funds in banks that do not invest in fossil fuels. Our new policy is a small part of a massive global divestment movement that has seen about $US5.7 trillion removed from fossil fuel investments around the world by governments, banks, universities and investment firms.

Hobart Council’s new investment policy is one of the most progressive for local government in Australia. Our commitment sends a strong message to the "big four" banks that continue to invest in the fossil fuel industry.

We amended the policy after receiving a petition coordinated by the Hobart group and financial advice from Macquarie Wealth Management.
In their media 
statement, the 350 group said that “Hobart’s new policy raises the bar for other local governments who go part way toward divestment. It’s financially responsible, and reflects the concerns Hobart people have about the effects of climate change”.
Urban design panel
No doubt you've noticed the number of ordinary and unsympathetic buildings we have in Hobart. Did you know that Hobart has an Urban Design Panel? We do, but it’s not as active as I'd like it to be.

In the last couple of years, I've been asking questions about the Panel and the Terms of Reference that it operates under.  I was concerned that it was not compulsory for developments over a certain size to engage with the Urban Design Panel.

At our first meeting in 
January, Council agreed to make it compulsory for major planning applications to be referred to the Design Panel. It’s not a panacea for ugly buildings, but a proactive panel can now influence both developers and Council in trying to improve the standards of modern buildings in Hobart. 

Ben Ross, of 350 Hobart, said: “When we were campaigning for this change we talked to over a thousand people in Hobart. Climate change is a big issue for people here. We have a beautiful natural environment and people want to protect it for future generations.” media release

The membership of Hobart's Urban Design Panel is supposed to include the Tasmanian State Architect (a position that has been vacant for several years)
Pedestrian crossing saved
In September, Council received a memo that a pedestrian crossing was to be removed in Lenah Valley. I was concerned by this as we need more, not less, safe places to cross the road if we are to make Hobart better for walking. So I asked a few people in the neighbourhood what they thought about this plan and their response was very clear!

After meeting with school parents and residents, we also received a petition with 500 signatures calling on Council to retain and upgrade the pedestrian crossing.

The community effort saw a change of heart from the traffic department who are now repainting the crossing lines, adding kerb extensions and ensuring the lighting works well. As the crossing is near a school over Creek Road, the Department of State Growth will also fund an additional crossing guard for this busy area. 
Please stay in touch!

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