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Come on Arlene's Grocery - TICKETS
Hello World - call me back - DOWNLOAD
Hectic Fork - He-elp!
Shows - Brooklyn - CALENDAR
Tour of Ireland - Oct/Nov
Let us WebSite for you-

September 2013:
Hello World again. It's been a month since I wrote. Well like everyone one of us in speeded urban society my little legs are thrashing away under the water (like a ducks) and feeling the burn but don't always know or see if I am 'really' getting anywhere. But yet the landscape changes just a bit over time. So here are a few new fruits (and nuts!) from my orchard or garden. Please take a taste of Hello World preview - feedback, suggestions and comments to

I have spent the last month putting the word out that I do web work with to keep me in foodstuffs like tea. If you need something done on the web we can do it; for example Wordpress, Joomla Tumblr and all that class of website tech thing. I have also been setting up a tour, writing new songs and design work on physical CD.  I have also been creating an exciting new spoken word/music production in studio.  I like twitter! and Facebook makes me a little depressed ... but you can follow me on either though my twitter feed is defo more opinionated and raucous. Now that comment is out of the way we will move on to better things like seeing you all on the 20th.  The Voice of love asketh - "have you seen me play and sing yet?" Yes, friends and country fellows you may have been saying 'oh we must go along to a show sometime...' Well now is that time. The show is closer closer much closer in NYC, Stanton street, it is an exciting show full of accomplished acts  - so PLEASE come to this one! It's a big event, part of the 10 years old 1st Irish Origins Theater Festival so you will be supporting not just me but other Irish American contributors to culture.

SHOW FRIDAY 20th September 8pm at Arlene's Grocery as part of Origin's First Irish Festival

I am delira and excira to be included in this extravagant line up of performers bringing some Irish magic to the first Irish festival .
Join us for an Evening of Contemporary Irish Singer Songwriters presenting some of the best new musical voices of Ireland with an array of sounds from pop to rock, from ethereal to traditional at one of NYC’s coolest downtown venues. Join
Mary Courtney, Ashley Davis, Gareth Dunlop, Allen Gogarty, John Gribbon and moi aussi -  John Munnelly. All exciting artists.

Produced by Anita Daly and with thanks to the George Heslin Irish America's extraordinary theater wizard.

Subway F to 2nd Ave
95 Stanton St  New York, NY 10002 ( MAP)

$20 buy tickets here
Reservations: 212-868-4444

(I'll have HELLO WORLD download cards for sale on the night with bonus tracks  - sidle up to me and I'll fish one out for ye - pay what ye want is the cheerful offer of the night)


I know you have heard me say but I do have a massively interesting and sonically rich tapestry of melody wit and production values called "HELLO WORLD" available for download at all good digital outlets like iTunes and Amazon. You can even get a CD on amazon if that is how your music is served these days. So please do go ahead Lads n lassies! BUY ME MUSIC! I allow you to enrich your life with this sublime intent - Go ON Go On - It's my first ever and I am asking nay beseeching your help ( and I have trouble expressing my needs !)   to tell people about it and let the world enjoy the excitement of owning and listening to these magic songs.

My pals made a movie and now needs help!

Friends News: This is Peter (on left) and Greg (umm on ... right) friends of mine and makers of fun in my life. They have made a hilarious and laugh-out-loud movie called "HECTIC KNIFE" and now have decided they also need to sleep indoors so are seeking a hand up to get the movie on the road.  The movie is a barmy and silly ketchup fest with a weary vigilante and his doings with the mad bad villain. I guess I like movies that are outrageous and make me laugh and are eminently quotable. This is one "REALLY?!" yes They launched their IndieGoGo Campaign click link to video to see them explain  They will do 'stuff 'for you as a thanks you gift if you donate - for inst you can get your name in the credits for only 10 bucks or they will clean your house for a few more -  Hectic Knife is pure magic. Okkkayy!

Shows in early October in NYC

Ill be playing October shows in Brooklyn.

See Calendar for details

Some coming up include a Bar with a real Tardis from Doctor Who (Scifi Nerds alert!) and a show at an open Farmers market so you can get groceries for real.

October Tour of Ireland!!!! Excitement Mounts chez Munnelly

Come dance with me in Ireland ... well tell your friends to come and see me in Dublin & Cavan and adding dates to be confirmed in Galway, Cork and UK.
If you can help me by publicizing the trip when the time comes that would be mighty - thanks.

Don't just take my gush on face value  - here is a review of Hello World

The production is flawless. Hello World is a recording of high quality collection of musicians and production team. “I’d rather be in Ireland hiking in the rain’..goes the first verse off Nowhere Without You. It has an echo of old Cranberries albums.It highlights John’s breezy and easy rock vocal style coupled with really awesome melodies. He is clearly a songwriter of everyday scenes. When he writes a song it feels like you are living inside it because his prose is detailed without being sickeningly sweet.

Arlene's Grocery

Friday 20th:  8 pm
$20- Tickets going fast as part of the Festival so get them now

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Franco and The Dreadnought

Skylark Do Stuff

We have learned some stuff on the way. Stuffly about computers, their goodness and their naughtiness in all sorts of situations. We have said "turn it onneth and offeth once more prithee" since the beginning of IT. And yet ... what's it all for we muse? The makingeth of websites is a goodly need Huzzah!. If you have that particyklar need in your web life, then why with a hey nonenee nonee then let us do some webbery mongering for you. We also maketh the videos and the audio productions in a very fair and well appointed recording studio. We also do ecommerce if you wanted to hawk wares online and such. {Editors Voice "- Oi John knock of the Olde World crap forthwith its not the 'arry Poitier Edition you know... "} John - its my newsletter and I'll verily if I want to ...

These are things we do to pay bills and keep us making Art -  friends and family are treated kindly and fairly in the check book departments.

What's a download card?

Download Cards for pay what YOU want : Did I mention I'll have my download cards at show and get this - you can get ALL 13 tracks my CD and bonus material for whatever you want to pay!

So here is the thing on how easy a process it is and how a download card works. -
  1. Go to website address on card for download (
  2. Code on card is typed in by you
  3. Download begins
  4. if any issue it automatically restarts and your music is there voila - congratulations.
  5. Open files and import into your itunes etc
  6. Listen to music!
  7. Enjoyment and dancing round room begins.

Merchandise & Music

Download HELLO WORLD:  described as "catchy tunes" - "really great!" "very professional"
Please take a listen and let me know what you think - thank you.

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