When discouragement is my companion.
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Sometimes I Feel Like a Failure:


I know I'm not alone, I know I'm not a failure. But sometimes I'm just lost.

I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about. You've probably been there too. Maybe your home is in chaos, or maybe your children are growing up and you feel like you are missing it. Maybe you just feel like your life is totally out of control.

I feel all of those things at times. Most of all I feel like my relationship with God is suffering.

That is why I am so excited to own the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. I'm also thrilled to share it with you because I know I'm not the only mom who feels totally lost at times.

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle offers many great sections, but there are two sections I am really excited about!

These five books are headed to my Kindle and I'm so excited about them.

  • Trust Without Borders: Do you know that trusting God is probably my biggest struggle?
  • Live for Him: I NEED this. All too often I live for me, and this is why I'm failing.
  • Abide: I want to Thrive and NOT just survive this in this life
  • Life Giver: as a mom who gave life (in a sense) to my son, I long to have a deeper understanding of the real life giver.
  • Strengthening the Heart of a Homemaker: Do you know how weak I feel at times?
I've already peeked into my books and now I can see the hardest part will be deciding which ones to read first.

Just ONE part of the bundle, these 5 books already more than cover the cost. They total at $31 if purchased individually. As part of this bundle, they only cost .30 each!

If you feel lost as a wife, homemaker, and mommy, please click here to learn more about how this huge bundle will encourage and strengthen you as a daughter of God.


I want to draw closer to God myself, but I also want to pass that faith on to my children.

I believe that children are never to young to teach or train, so these books are also very exciting to me. The Character book looks like a great read, but honestly they all do!

Along with the 100 e-books and e-courses you receive in your homemaking bundle, are over $300 worth of free bonuses.

Two of my favorites were the free scarf (it's in the mail to me now!) and the Green Child discovery box. Other things like greeting cards and prints are also exciting!

Be sure to visit the Ultimate Bundles page to learn all about this bundle!

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