We need Americans in all states to follow our six steps to victory in this alert...
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Friends of ALIPAC and Allied Illegal Immigration Protest Groups,

American Defenders from all states are converging on Tennessee to protest against the immigration reform amnesty supporter Senator Lamar Alexander on Aug 2, and to volunteer for the campaign of his anti-Amnesty opponent Joe Carr. Joe Carr's campaign needs immediate direct help from volunteers and donors at

Please read with care and follow our 6 steps to victory!

Our protests are in 4 days and the GOP primary decision is only 9 days away on Thursday, August 9! Early voting is already in progress and people are already casting ballots so we must all move quickly!

Those who cannot physically join us on the ground are volunteering from home or sending donations to the Carr campaign and/or ALIPAC's effort to repeat campaign techniques that helped vanquish amnesty backer Eric Cantor last month!

Please take the following steps to join the national movement to prove to the corrupt politicians in DC that We The People are still in charge of America!

Six Steps To Victory

Step 1: Our candidate Joe Carr will be massively outspent by Lamar Alexander because "Amnesty" Alexander has the backing of all the big money pro illegal alien invasion groups like the US Chamber of Commerce, the CEO's of Facebook and Google, La Raza groups, and billionaires like George Soros. We proved that we can still win when outspent by an amnesty supporting incumbent when Eric Cantor outspent our candidate David Brat 10 to 1, but we must all endeavor to get all the funds we can to the Joe Carr campaign. Every dollar counts so please donate what you can at their campaign site here...

Step 2: The Joe Carr campaign needs volunteers to make phone calls, put out signs, stamp envelopes, attend campaign events, go door to door, circulate materials, put on bumper stickers , etc... Please volunteer for Joe Carr if you are in TN or if you are going to TN with us to protest Aug 2. via

Step 3: Anyone in America can reinforce the Joe Carr campaign by joining their social media pages like the Facebook and Twitter pages shown here. Please join if you use Facebook and circulate their releases so more people in America learn of our struggle to elect Joe Carr over Lamar Alexander in 9 days, Thursday Aug. 7. Support Joe Carr on Facebook at...

* The Joe Carr campaign is launching a 'Twitter Bomb' campaign tomorrow Wednesday and if you want to help please join their Twitter page and relay their posts tomorrow via...

Step 4: Support our targeted protests taking place in 4 days on Sat. Aug 2 at six locations in Tennessee outside of Lamar Alexander's offices. We have protests in Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, Jackson, Knoxville, and Blountville! Activists are driving and flying into TN from as far away as California and Texas. We also have protest brigades forming up to converge on Tennessee locations from North Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama, Missouri, and Georgia! Please visit our events location pages at ALIPAC and on Facebook and make plans to be at one of these six locations this Saturday 11am-4pm.

Master event list at ALIPAC (Put your protests on the list for our national wave Oct 24-25 and before then by writing

Nationwide protests event page on Facebook

Step 5: ALIPAC needs volunteer callers from all states who are willing to call a list of GOP voters in Tennessee to talk to them about the Joe Carr vs Lamar Alexander race explaining how a 'vote for Lamar Alexander is a vote for tens of millions of illegal immigrants to get amnesty, American jobs, taxpayer benefits, and eventual voting rights to vote against conservative voters in future elections.' We will provide you with simple instructions and a calling list you can use to influence this election. Just email with the word 'volunteer' in the subject line if you are willing to help.

Step 6: At the time of this email, ALIPAC has only raised $5,603 of the $9,000 we need to saturate Republican households with the same campaign ad we used to defeat Eric Cantor. We only have a few days left to raise what we need to do our best. So please send a donation of what you can afford to our secure online donations link below. If we all chip in, we can meet our goal and make our best efforts to defeat "Amnesty Alexander"...

Our mission is to take down "Amnesty Alexander" and then turn our full attention to the numerous Democrats who support Obama's abuses of power while pushing to bring illegal aliens into our nation using them to replace Americans in their jobs, homes, and elections.

We have a new and powerful American populist movement that is rapidly forming to save the nation. We must all unify and work hard and organize others around us. If we fail to sweep the 2014 Elections this could be the last ride of the Americans!

Let's roll patriots!

William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
Post Office Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622-0966
Tel: (919) 787-6009 Toll Free: (866) 703-0864
FEC ID: C00405878


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