Deaf & Hear Alberta Winter 2017 Newsletter

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New Beginnings

The new year brings new enthusiasm and strengthened resolve to improve the quality of life for oneself and others. At Deaf & Hear Alberta, we are committed to offering programs and services that make that possible.
Calendar of Events

January 4

Book Club: I Can Hear You Whisper
January 9

Signing Naturally 101:
Edmonton 10-week course begins

January 10

Signing Naturally 101:
Calgary 10-week course begins

Signing Naturally 201:
Calgary 10-week course begins
January 11

Signing Naturally 102:
Edmonton 10-week course begins

Signing Naturally 102:
Calgary 10-week course begins

Signing Naturally 104:
Calgary 10-week course begins

Signing Naturally 202:
Calgary 10-week course begins
January 12

Signing Naturally 103:
Calgary 10-week course begins

Signing Naturally 203:
Calgary 10-week course begins
Signing Naturally 104:
Edmonton 10-week course begins

January 23
Managing Your Hearing Loss
January 31

Last Day of eStore Holiday Sale

February 15

Family Day
February 20

Book Club: Musicophilia
February 27
Live with and Love Your Hearing Aids
March 27
Hearing Matters

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We are very proud to announce that the Peer-to-Hear program has been granted funding from Family & Community Support Services (FCSS), City of Calgary.   With the successful Peer-to-Hear pilot project completed, we are looking to the future now and ready for recruitment.  Going forward, Peer-to-Hear will be focusing on matching mentors with those living with hearing loss.  Our mentors will have successfully managed their own hearing loss and will be interested in supporting others who are starting out on similar journeys.  The goal of Peer-to-Hear is to empower people with hearing loss to participate in, contribute to and benefit from all aspects of society. Spread the word!

Be a Mentee
Could you benefit from 1-on-1 support to learn how to better manage your hearing loss?
  • Are you able to make a 3-month commitment?
  • Are you willing to connect once a week?
  • Are you open to learning and trying new things? 
Volunteer as a Mentor
Are you willing to offer support to others living with hearing loss?
  • Have you successfully managed your hearing loss so that you are comfortable interacting with family, friends, at work and in the community?
  • Can you make a 12-month commitment to volunteering as a mentor?
  • Are you willing to connect once a week with a mentee? 
Join the team & be inspired by connecting with and helping others.  We offer training and guidance to our mentors.  We are recruiting now.  If you are interested in being a mentee or mentor, please contact Kylie Bradbury or call 403-284-6209.

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SALE Extended into
January 2017

Our Holiday Sale has been extended until Tuesday, January 31, 2017. Select alarm clocks and amplified phones are on sale as well as the BOGO Kids Headsets while supplies last.  Check our website for savings!

New Products!

Deaf & Hear Alberta now carries the Bellman & Symfon line of signaling devices. This new line comes from Europe and features a more modern design. See our website for more information, photos and videos.
Cochlear Accessories are also now available through Deaf & Hear Alberta.  We stock everything from rechargeable batteries, to processor and coil covers, replacement cables, microphones for conversation and cell phone use, as well as the Cochlear TV streamer. Check out our e-Store for details. If you are an Advanced Bionics user, we have items for you as well!

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Register today!

Registration is ongoing for Winter and Spring session ASL courses, both in Edmonton and Calgary.  There is a class for every skill level!

Registration is also available for our ASL Summer Camp in Calgary.  New this year, we are offering two weeks to choose from: August 8-11 (Tuesday to Friday) or August 14-17 (Monday to Thursday).

See our website for more information on our ASL classes and summer camp.

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Welcome to Alia and Kylie

Deaf & Hear Alberta is pleased to welcome two new staff members in our Hearing Services department.

Alia Bharwani, Hearing Services Coordinator, will be taking over the administration and delivery of our Sound Advice and Hearing Loss Prevention programs, including Speechreading classes, Managing Your Hearing Loss, and other community presentations.  Alia can be reached at 403-284-6212 or by email.

Kylie Bradbury is DHA’s new Peer Mentoring Coordinator.  She will continue to expand the Peer-to-Hear Mentoring program that was piloted in 2016 with good success.  Kylie can be reached at 403-284-6209 or by email.

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Join us for a Book Club!

We will discuss the book of the month, but you will also have an opportunity to connect with others going through similar circumstances. This is a great opportunity to ask questions from others experiencing hearing loss, and build a community of support.

The next books and dates are:
January 4: I Can Hear You Whisper by Lydia Denworth
Feb 20: Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks

Book Club meets at 7:00 pm in the upstairs boardroom of Deaf & Hear Alberta.
For more information call 403-284-6212 or e-mail Alia.

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Reminder: Vulnerable Persons Self-Registry.
The Calgary Police Service has created a database where people can register if they have a physical, mental or medical condition that means they may require special attention in an emergency.

If you are a vulnerable person or care for a vulnerable person, please provide your information to the registry. Your privacy will be protected and the information you provide will only be used by first responders to help you or your loved one when you are in danger. 

Click here for information and to register yourself.  

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Making Public Places Hearing Accessible

Great news for Edmontonians:  ALL locations of the Edmonton Public Library will be equipped with Counter Loop systems in 2017. Look for the blue T-coil symbol when visiting the library. The counter loop system transmits spoken words directly and clearly to a listener’s hearing aid equipped with the T-coil program and standing within 3-4 feet of the counter.   If you do not wear hearing aids or your aid is not equipped with T-coil, a headset can be requested so that the sound is clearly amplified for everyone with a hearing loss. This system allows better public access to communication for those who have a hearing loss and want to communicate with Edmonton Public Library staff. 

For those not familiar with the T-coil (telecoil or T-switch), it is a small copper coil that is an option on most hearing aids and is built into cochlear implant processors as well. They were originally used to boost the magnetic signals from the telephone handset but are also used to pick up the magnetic signal sent from a neck loop, counter or room loop system.  The sound is delivered to the t-coil in the hearing aid with less background noise and sound distortion.  If your audiologist has not explained the T-coil to you, it is a good idea to ask them about it and how it works with your hearing aids and accessories. 

Keep your eyes open for the T-coil symbol wherever you go.  Ask about hearing access when out and about in difficult listening situations like the bank, city/town hall, information desk, government offices, store counters, arenas, theatres, etc. The more businesses and organizations are asked for accommodations like the counter loop system, the more likely they are to realize the need and benefit to their business. They can contact Deaf & Hear Alberta for more information at (866) 471-2805 ext 215 or email our estore.

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Here are some events upcoming in our Sound Advice Series of programs.

Managing Your Hearing Loss.  Monday January 23, 2017, 7:00-8:30 pm      
Learn how hearing loss impacts communication and how you can find practical solutions. We will discuss assistive technology and skills for adapting communication.

Live with and Love Your Hearing Aids. Monday February 27, 2017, 7:00-8:30 pm
We will discuss communication strategies, coping mechanisms and lifestyle changes you can pair with hearing aids to improve communication. Assistive technology that you can use with hearing aids will also be discussed.

Hearing Matters. Monday March 27, 2017, 7:00-8:30 pm
We will cover a brief overview of the auditory system and how changes within the system effect hearing; how to arrange a hearing test; and a brief overview on technology to assist you’re your hearing loss.

Speechreading Classes.  All classes are Saturdays from 9:00 am-1:30 pm
Taught by a local audiologist, this course offers the opportunity to improve your understanding of spoken communication in a fun and interactive setting. Classes can be taken in any order, and cost $50 each.
  • Saturday April 8 – Sounds on the Lips:  P, B, M
  • Saturday April 22 – Sounds on the Lips: F, V
  • Saturday May 6 – Vowels and Numbers
  • Saturday May 27 – Sounds on the Lips: W, Wh
Click here to sign up or for more information contact Alia at 403-284-6212 or by email

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